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How to Repair Cat Scratches in Leather Furniture

Cats really dig leather furniture. Literally. So much so that many cat owners feel forced to choose between their beloved leather recliner and their furry friend. The most immediate answer is to provide your cat a better alternative. Buy several scratching posts for your cat and place them throughout the house.

But if Fluffy chooses not to cooperate and instead takes out his frustrations on your new leather ottoman, we suggest you try these simple methods to repair those cat scratches.

Repairing Minor Cat Scratches in Leather

The answer to your problems may be a simple as a blow dryer. Set your blow dryer on warm (if it’s too hot, it won’t work) and go over the leather while keeping the appliance moving evenly over the affected surface. With your finger, gently message the area with the scratch. Be sure to wash your hands in advance, of course. With minor scratches, this will often do the trick.

Small scratches can also be repaired using leather oil. Just add a small amount of saddle oil or lanolin to a clean, dry rag and rub it into the small cracks that exist. This will blend the leather color into the scratch and hide those hideous white lines.

Use a marker. Most of us have used markers that are specially designed to hide scratches on our car finishes. Similar products are made for leather scratches. This remedy sounds heavy handed but believe me. There are marker products made for this expressed purpose.

Repairing Deeper Cat Scratches

Apply leather filler to the area. You can buy leather filler at most any shoe or leather goods store. You’ll sometimes find it at your nearby hardware store, too.  

Clean the affected area with rubbing alcohol to make sure the surface is clean. Once you’ve buffed the area so it’s smooth and even, apply some filler. Using a finger or wooden hobby stick, apply the filler liberally until the entire scratched area is covered smoothly. Let dry for an hour or two and then sand the area with the finest grit sandpaper you can buy.  

Contact the manufacturer. Before you do anything, find out what the manufacturer suggests or recommends. They may sell special repair kits or may even provide one free of charge.

Call a Furniture Repair Service. There are companies that do one thing – leather furniture repair. Depending on the extent of the repair, the cost could be as little as a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand. However, if you have a professional do it, you’re more likely to be pleased with the outcome.

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