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Why Your Nightstands Should or Shouldn't Match

Should nightstands match? Since the dawn of juxtaposed patterns, stylists and designers alike have thrown out the rulebook in lieu of avant-garde creativity in all things from art, clothing, and even home decor. So instead of asking yourself if your nightstands should match, think about all the reasons why your nightstands shouldn't match.

But let's not get carried away here. While yes, you can totally mismatch your furniture, oddly enough there is an art to mismatching aspects of your home. We think there's a fine line between shabby chic and yard sale haul that can make or break any room. Check out these tips to creating the perfect mismatched aesthetic in your bedroom.

The Art of Mismatched Nightstands

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Style tip: Stack books under one lamp on the nightstand to help lamps appear to be the same height even though the night stands are different heights. 

Have your nightstands be similarly proportioned. Just because they don't match doesn't mean they shouldn't be roughly the same size. Even if they're different in style or color, make sure that they at least look symmetrical in your bedroom.


Choose nightstands that have a common vibe. It can be anything: rounded feet, ornate decor, square top, whatever! Even with mismatched furniture, it's important to create a sense of harmony throughout a room. 

Share a common accessory on your nightstands. Whether it's a lamp, pile of magazines, or a picture frame, adding matching decor to mismatched nightstands can help unify your room as a whole. 

What If I Like Matching Nightstands?

Ultimately, the way you decorate your home should be a reflection of your personal style; so if you want to match your nightstands, more power to you! We think it's best to match nightstands in rooms that are laid out to be symmetrical, with equal amounts of space on either side of the bed. 

No matter how you choose to decorate your home, choose the best at Bassett. Browse our online collection of nightstands or visit a Bassett location near you!



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