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Small Family Room Design Ideas

Frustrated with your undersized family room? You don't need a bigger house! You just need to know a few simple design tricks to make your family room look and feel a lot bigger than it really is. Natural lighting, furniture choice, and arrangement can make a big difference in a small family room. 

Small Family Room Designs | Ideas & Tips

You don't have to sacrifice the functionality of your family room to create more space. Learn how to use your small space more efficiently and create the illusion of a larger scale without losing functionality. Our design consultants at Bassett Furniture believe these 8 design ideas will start you on your journey to a more spacious and comfortable family room.

1. Make your room look bigger by including visually lightweight furniture.

  • Sofas and chairs with visible legs look lighter than those with skirts or bun feet.
  • Incorporate light-colored furniture for a less weighty look.
  • Transparent acrylic tables or a glass top table with a delicate metal frame allows you to literally see through the furniture. The uninterrupted sight lines give a sense of space. 

2. Choose proportional furniture for the size of your room. 

  • Armless chairs have a more streamlined look and take up less space.
  • Storage ottomans instead of a coffee table can be easily moved to where they are needed and provide hidden storage space.
  • Neatly tailored sofas give a trim, space-saving appearance no matter what their size. 

3. Use neutral paint colors on the walls to make the space feel open and bright. White or sandstone walls, pale wood floors, and soft-shaded upholstered furniture keep the room light and airy. 

4. Arrange your furniture for the most efficient use of it. Eliminate the need for end tables with one centrally located coffee table and wall-mounted lamps. Choose lamps with swing arms for maximum flexibility.

5. Choose furniture that can do double duty. An ottoman can double as a coffee table, a storage unit and a place to rest your weary feet. A sofa table or console can easily serve as a dining table and writing desk.

6. Use the height of the room to make it appear larger. Hang floor-to-ceiling drapery or sheers as high as they can go to render longer lines and a sense of grandness to your small room. Place eye-catching accessories on the tops of tall hutches or bookshelves to draw the eye upward.

7. Choose window treatments that allow as much natural light into the room as possible. 

8. Decorate with mirrors. Place a mirror across from a window if possible to reflect the natural light and to create the effect of another window. Mirrors can also make a wall "disappear," apparently liberating the confines of a small space.

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