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4 Design Tips and Tricks for Small Master Bedrooms

Small master bedrooms can go from cramped to cozy with the right design ideas. As the most intimate room in your home, your bedroom should reflect your personality. When decorating your master bedroom, design for style as well as comfort with the right accessories and spacing. A well-designed bedroom will make all the difference.

Design Options for Small Master Bedrooms

Give the illusion of a spacious master bedroom with a few simple design tips. The following are some space-saving, room-opening ideas to help you achieve the look and feel of a sprawling bedroom.

1. Choose the right bed.

This is an essential part of creating a spacious master bedroom.

A medium sized bed, placed in the center of the room against a back wall creates space on both sides for bedside table storage. A four poster bed can add the illusion of space in a room with high ceilings. Think tall when it comes to your headboard, and lengthen your room by hanging curtains on the windows.


Pro Tip: A chandelier or hanging light fixture will draw the eye up and create the illusion of more space.

2. Coordinate your colors.

Matching tones are very helpful in tying a small master bedroom together. Opt for light colors and cool tones to open up your small bedroom and create an airy, spacious feel.

bed colors

3. Stow away your stuff.

Choosing the right type of storage can make a huge difference in a small bedroom. Bedside tables reduce clutter and give your bedroom a polished look.


A tall chest of drawers with legs can also reduce clutter and save space.

bedroom chest drawers

A decorative mirror above the chest of drawers gives the feel of a vanity and opens up the room without the need for a large dresser.


4. Let there be art!

Art is the icing on the cake for small bedroom décor. It will be one of the first things people see in your room and something you will see every day. Therefore, it is important to choose art that you love, and that speaks to your unique personality and interests. 

But remember: too many pieces can overpower a small bedroom and make it feel cluttered, and pieces that are too small won't make much of an impact. Choosing a few larger pieces can give the room several major focal points, without feeling too busy.



Basset Furniture Can Help Design Your Small Bedroom

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