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How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Home Office

Home offices don't have to be big to be functional. You can take advantage of the space you have by taking the time to arrange the furniture in a way that works for the room and for you. Check out these three small office furniture arrangements for ideas on how to revamp your home work space. 

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1. Extra Seating in the Front, Business in the Back


If you need space in your small home office for guests and clients, this furniture arrangement is the perfect setup. By pushing the desk to the back of the room, you can free up floor space for extra seating and still have room to place bookcases on either side of your desk for additional storage. Just be sure to choose smaller chairs and a small accent table to avoid overwhelming the space with furniture.

2. Desk at Center Stage 


Your desk is where you get your most important work done, so why not let it take center stage in your home office? By moving your desk and chair away from the wall, you can free up that space for bookcases or custom storage units. If your room is large enough, you can place a small accent chair in the corner for guests, clients or Fido. To break up the room, try adding a large rug directly in the middle (under your desk). 

3. Corner Desk, Lots of Storage


Corner desks are a great way to utilize every bit of space in a small office. This layout packs in as much storage as possible by placing two filing cabinets and two bookcases on either side of the desk. Again, we've thrown a chair in the corner because you never know when you're going to need extra seating. Or just when you want to escape from your desk chair for a little while. 

For more small office furniture arrangement tips, check out the HGTV HOME™ Design Studio by Bassett Furniture. 



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