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The standard height of a dresser is approximately waist high on an adult, or roughly 32 - 36 inches high. There are many different styles of dressers in this height range, and several design options to choose from in large or small spaces. Gain insight into your home decorating process with the best dresser for your space.

Dressers in a Wide Range of Heights 

The focal point of most master bedrooms is the bed itself. But the second most important feature in a bedroom is the dresser, if only because it is usually the second largest piece of furniture in a bedroom.

The standard height of a dresser can range from as low as 26 inches to 34 inches. Many dressers, however, offer a more substantial look and more storage space, reaching as high as 44 inches. These dressers often include drawers beyond the traditional six drawers of a standard dresser. 

standard dresser height

The Right Dresser at the Right Height

Your personal preferences, storage needs, and space limitations should be the criteria that guide your choice. Perhaps you are looking for a combo dresser design that combines the standard squat dresser with a tall cabinet, allowing for more storage choices.

Or maybe you're looking for a "bachelor's chest," which is a more minimalist piece of furniture that features a single column of drawers in a narrower frame.

Whatever your needs or preferences, make sure the surrounding furniture pieces work with the height of your dresser. You can also purchase a mirror that matches with the dresser, such as the mirror included with our Brentwood Dresser at Bassett Furniture, which is 38 inches high. 

Alternatives to the Standard Dresser | Dimensions

Depending on the size of your room, your height, and your storage needs, a chest of drawers or a highboy may be a better choice than a dresser. The standard height for a chest of drawers is about 54 inches. Highboys are even taller and may be more narrow, reaching as high as six or seven feet high. 

Bassett has a wide selection of dressers in various heights, sizes, and styles. See our collection of high quality dressers for your beautiful bedroom. 



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