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Typical or Standard Desk Height & Dimensions

Are you designing an office or study? You may have questions about the standard height or dimensions of a desk or table. From the floor to the tabletop, most desk heights range between 29" and 30". However, these dimensions range significantly depending on the style of your desk and chair. And, it may be part an an overall feng shui floor plan. Here, we go over what the typical or standard desk height is so you can choose a table that's right for you.

Choosing a Desk Height: Standard Dimensions

There are two things to consider when looking at a standard desk height. The first, as mentioned, is the height of the desk from the floor to the tabletop. This space is typically between 29" and 30". This measurement is very important from an ergonomic perspective. One easy way to determine a good height for your desk is to sit (or stand) as you would when working at the desk. Place your elbows at a ninety-degree angle. In this position, your hands should rest comfortably on the tabletop of your prospective desk.

Hutch Plus Desk Height

The second desk height measurement is the one that is usually given when you look at the dimensions of a desk. This is the distance from the floor to the very top of the desk, and there is no standard dimension here. If you buy a desk with a hutch—that is, an additional, sometimes separate bookshelf or case that goes on top of your desk—the height will be significantly greater. 

Hutches can be very useful for extra storage in your office, but they do take up some real estate on your desk and they can block a view. If you tend to sprawl out as you work, you may prefer to keep that extra surface area for your papers. A corner desk can be a great option because it gives you plenty of storage as well as room to spread out. 

Which Desk is Right for You?

Think about the items you want to keep on your desk. If you have more than one computer monitor, standard desk dimensions may not work for you. Also, consider what you'd like to have at your disposal. For example, you may want storage space for a printer or a bookcase for frequently referenced materials. The best way to choose a desk is to think about how you will use it. 

The furniture and design experts at your local Bassett store can help you decide which desk dimensions and shapes would best suit your space and work style. They'll help you determine if a standard desk or table height is the right fit for you, or if you'd benefit more from something a little more custom. Stop by today!

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