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What is a Chifferobe?

You’re likely to come across the word chifferobe while searching for new furniture. But what is a chifferobe, exactly? If you're thinking that it sounds like the word "wardrobe," then you're onto something. Like a wardrobe, a chifferobe is a piece of furniture that has multiple drawers and a place for hanging clothes.

Chifferobes Provide Storage and Style

storage chest

A chifferobe, sometimes spelled chifforobe, is a piece of furniture with both doors and drawers. Traditionally, one side has drawers while the other has a door that opens to reveal a space for hanging clothes. The combination of compartments makes them an excellent piece for a variety of spaces, especially a small apartment or baby’s nursery. They can serve as an alternative to a closet, or as additional storage in a room. 

While most antique chifferobes include an area for hanging clothes, modern styles vary and can have multiple uses.

How is a Chifferobe Different From an Armoire or Wardrobe? 

Chifferobes, armoires, wardrobes, and chests of drawers are all words that can be used to define a wooden piece of furniture that stores clothing and other items. Here's how they are different:

  • Wardrobes are tall, sizeable pieces of furniture with two doors used to store clothes. Behind the doors are two or three vertical compartments, one of which has hooks or a bar for hanging clothes. They first became popular because of a lack of closet space, but remain popular because of their versatility and style.
  • Armoires are similar in form to wardrobes, but their function has evolved over time. Armoires have two doors that open to reveal a space for storage, similar to a chifferobe or a wardrobe. Today, armoires are often used as entertainment centers because their closing doors easily conceal televisions, DVD players and wires.
  • Chests of drawers, while they are often lumped into a category with these other pieces, do not have doors. Instead, they are comprised of only drawers. Sometimes the drawers are stacked vertically, and other times the drawers may be side-by-side. If a chest of drawers is topped with a mirror, it is called a chiffonier. 

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