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What is Art Deco Furniture?

Art Deco furniture and design can be traced back to the early 20th century and more specifically, the end of World War I. The Art Deco aesthetic may be based on classic design, but artists and designers of that time added more exotic elements like marble or ivory. Colors were bold and vibrant, expressing their new sense of optimism. Contrary to “less is more” aesthetics that would capture the imagination of furniture buyers in the latter part of the century, Unlike Modern furniture designers, Art Deco enthusiasts celebrated design excess.

While Art Deco furniture artisans and artists were held in high regard, the public equally embraced innovative, large scale manufacturers of Art Deco style furniture, too. Materials used for Art deco furniture included both the natural and artificial. It was not unusual to find wood furniture that also incorporated marble into its design. Animal skin was and added element that until that point, was considered something only rich people had access to. Plastics such as lucite were also embraced.

Art Deco Tables, Cabinets & More

Art Deco furniture items most often found in today’s marketplace incorporate organic shapes and exotic woods to create a look that is distinctive. Glass and iron coffee tables, wooded bed frames with oversized headboards, cabinets with lacquered, exotic woods and organically shaped chairs are indicative of both the antique pieces you’ll find as well as the newly manufactured Art Deco furniture stylings.

Art Deco furniture will often possess one or more of the following traits:

  • Surfaces are high-gloss or shiny as with metals.
  • Exotic wood or ivory is often used as an ornate inlay.
  • Sweeping and/or angular lines.
  • Excess is encouraged.

Why purchase Art Deco furniture from Bassett?

There are several significant advantages to purchasing your Art Deco furniture from Bassett. First and foremost, Bassett has a reputation for quality and fine craftsmanship. With over 100 years of furniture building excellence, we’ve earned our reputation the hard way – by providing a superior product and excellent customer service.

Visit a Bassett showroom near you and speak with a furniture design expert. Together, we’ll find the Art deco furniture pieces that speak to you and we’ll save you money, too!

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