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What is Contemporary Furniture Design?

Before discussing contemporary furniture and its traits and tendencies, it is important that we debunk a common misconception. Contemporary furniture is not at all the same as modern furniture. Both contemporary and modern are their own distinct styles and come from a completely different time and place.

Modern furniture takes its design from the Modernist movement. The modernist movement began in the late 1800’s and extended until around 1970s and is typified by clean, simple lines, neutral colors and geometric forms.

By contrast, contemporary design started in the 1970’s. Contemporary furniture borrows from the modernist movement as well as embracing concepts from Post Modernism and Art Deco. Contemporary furniture also tends to lean towards clean lines and glass surfaces.

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What makes furniture contemporary?

Contemporary furniture ideally compliments the rooms in which they reside. Interior floor plans are spacious and roomy. Simplicity is paramount so furniture is used somewhat sparingly. There is no clutter.

Ceilings are high and floors are never concrete and nearly always wood. Walls are frequently painted in shades of brown, cream or taupe. Metal lamps and stainless steel appliances often add to the clean, simple motif.

Here are a few quick notes to help you distinguish contemporary furniture design from others:

  • Colorful throw pillows or wall art often add a splash of vivid color to set off the remainder of the room.
  • Hard edges and gentle curves dominate the design.
  • While colors tend to lean toward neutral, bold color accents can be present.
  • Frame construction is from natural materials (wood, glass, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Little or no ornamentation on legs or arms.
  • Fabrics are solid or very modest patterns.
  • Any patterns are geomantic in nature.

Contemporary Furniture, Sofas and Sectionals from Bassett

With so many styles and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal contemporary furniture pieces you’re looking for at a Bassett. Backed up by our 100 year reputation for high quality and customer service, you can be confident that your new furniture will last a lifetime.  Visit a Bassett showroom near you and see why we’re the premier name in contemporary furniture!

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