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What is Modern Furniture?

There is a common misconception that modern furniture and contemporary furniture are one and the same. This is completely false. While there are some similarities, each design style draws on distinct (and in many cases different) influences. So, it raises the question…

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What is Modern Furniture Design?

In today's lexicon, modern means the same thing as contemporary. However, when it comes to art and design, modern refers to the Modernist movement of the late 1800’s. Modernist design has its origins in the Bauhaus school and is typified by its rebuke of the overly ornate design of the past. Lines are clean and straight. Stainless steel and other metals became desirable design elements and minimalism was key. Similar to the Art Deco furniture style, less became moret

By contrast, contemporary furniture embraces some of these same principles but incorporates design influences from the 70’s up until today.

What Are the Characteristics of Modern Furniture?

While there is a great deal of subjectivity among furniture designers, modern furniture will often have these characteristics:

  • Minimalistic in nature
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Straight angles, sleek lines and sweeping curves
  • Neutral colors with bold, vivid accents
  • Wood and wrought iron are commonly used materials

Modern Furniture at Bassett

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