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  • American Heritage

    Our legacy of craftsmanship and style spans more than 115 years. Made with pride since day one.

    About Us

What is Retro Furniture?

Retro furniture harkens back to the days when families would gather ‘round the black and white TV set to watch Rod Serling spin bizarre tales on “The Twilight Zone” or Groucho Marx make impromptu and marginally inappropriate jokes on “You Bet Your Life”. We remember drinking YooHoo and eating Scooter Pies. Retro is all about repackaging the past with design elements that congers up images of the 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s. 

Retro Furniture Design, Pop Culture and Furniture

We frequently refer to retro furniture pieces as kitschy, particularly when they’re not designed tastefully. However, good retro furniture design can incorporate pop culture in a way that makes for colorful, even whimsical furniture pieces.

The meaning of retro design can vary depending on the decade it references. Formica topped, diner style tables typify retro style kitchen furniture of the 1950’s. Retro furniture from the 60’s can be very different from the decade that preceeded it. The 60’s look is exemplified by splashy patterns and psychedelic swirls of color. The furniture of this period had clean lines and sweeping, curved edges.

The 70’s brought with it an entirely new aesthetic. Color palettes veered toward natural colors, oranges, dirt brown and autumn gold. Blocky, geometric shapes replaced sweeping curves.

Retro furniture embraces all of these periods to create a brand new aesthetic. In essence, retro furniture is the contemporary furniture of our youth. And you’ll find examples of all of the above at your nearby Bassett Furniture showroom.

Finding High Quality Retro Furniture

There are a number of ways one can assemble retro furniture. However, if your goal is to find the pieces that you need for a single room from a single retro period, it can be difficult.

You can scour the classified listings, craigslist and garage sales. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll find retro furniture that is in good or acceptble condition and suits your tastes. Fortunately, Bassett Furniture creates new, high quality furniture with a retro aesthetic.

With so many styles and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal retro furniture pieces, brand new and ready for delivery. Visit a Bassett showroom near you and see why we’re the premier name in retro furniture!

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