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What is a sectional sofa?

When people think of sectional sofas, they often think of a huge L shaped leather couch that’s so large it takes up the entire room. And, while this can be the case, the beauty of a sectional sofa is that it can be broken into different sections, each functioning as a separate furniture piece. These pieces can be rearranged together or apart so that they can fit comfortably, even elegantly, into large or small rooms.

In short, a sectional sofa is one of the most malleable or flexible pieces of furniture you’ll ever buy.

What “sections” make up a sectional sofa?

While each sectional type can vary by model, one can think of its parts much in the way we view anatomy. Each part serves a distinct and separate function that, once placed together, complement each other very well. However, unlike the human anatomy, each part can also function more than adequately by itself.

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Whatever sectional model you choose, the basic “body parts” are likely to be:

The Sectional Sofa – The sectional sofa is the customary three piece unit with three seat cushions and three matching back cushions. They may have arms on each side or no arms at all. We’ll discuss this in more depth below.

The Recliner – Your sofa may have a recliner section adjacent to it. These, too can be armless but don’t have to be. Great for those lazy summer weekends.

The Standard Chair – This one doesn’t recline but rather shares the same general form as the sofa body.  

The Corner Piece – Usually armless, corner seats or “wedges” function as an elbow, enabling the sectional to fit snugly in the corner of a room. Wedges never have arms on both sides as that would make it impossible for most people to fit comfortably.

The Sleeper Sofa – On the opposite site of the wedge from the sectional sofa, you’ll find the part of the sofa that folds out to a bed.

The Chaise – Usually found at the end of a sectional, the chaise lounge enables one to easily stretch out and relax after a long day.

The Armrests – Armrests can be placed between seats in a sectional or on each end. Or both. They sometimes have storage compartments or beverage holders.

The Drop Down Tray – Great for leaning back and taking in a movie of the big game, drop down trays make the popcorn easy to reach. So everyone can reach, these are usually placed in the middle of the sofa configuration.

Shopping for a sectional sofa

Although sectional sofas can be easily broken up into separate furniture pieces, one must still pay attention to size before purchasing. Sectional sofa size can vary considerable so take note of the size room you’re about to occupy. While you have an incredible amount of leeway with a sectional, make sure you don’t buy more than your room will accommodate. Get tips on how to buy a sectional sofa here.

There’s a great deal of flexibility with style, too. Bassett offers traditional leather seating as well as fabric upholstered sectionals so you’re sure to find the style and pattern that fits your personal style.

To find the sectional that best suits your needs and wants, visit a Bassett Furniture showroom near you or shop online. Either way, you’ll get the high quality and extraordinary value our customers have experienced for over 100 years.


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