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Sterling, VA, 20166, US
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  • American Heritage

    Our legacy of craftsmanship and style spans more than 115 years. Made with pride since day one.

    About Us

What is Vintage Furniture?

You’ve surely seen vintage furniture showcased in magazines and promoted by various furniture retailers. Vintage furniture has a certain cool, a look that harkens back to days of old and at the same time can create a chic that money can’t buy….unless you look in the right places.

Furniture between 50 and 100 years old is considered vintage. Furniture that is between 50 and 70 years old is considered retro furniture, a subset of vintage.

People throw around the terms “vintage” and “old” interchangeably. There are stark differences between the two, however. Old means it simply isn’t made any more. By contrast, vintage suggests an artistic flair from a period when art was finding its way into various mediums including furniture. In short, vintage is trendy while old is just…well, old.

And then, there’s antique furniture.

Antique vs. Vintage Furniture

Antique furniture is simply furniture that is 100 years old or more. While antique furniture can be desirable, it can be prohibitively expensive. You can scour antique shops for deals however, with the internet as a research tool, antique dealers are more informed of the value of items than ever before. Finding a good deal these days can be quite a task.

Additionally, antique furniture was very likely made by a craftsmen, not mass produced. Fewer produced pieces mean higher prices.

Why buy vintage furniture?

Vintage furniture exudes cool. If you go retro, you can channel the days of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. Or, you can curate your own art museum with pieces from the 50’s that echo the pop art scene at the time. And you can sit on the art!

The vintage furniture market does not frown upon the idea of mass production. Basically, if the design is beautiful then its merits are recognized. That being the case, vintage furniture is much more budget friendly than antique furniture.

Vintage Furniture and Bassett

Bassett Furniture has been producing fine furniture for over 100 years. It’s easy math. We’ve created furniture that fits comfortably in all of the above categories. And, as we did over 100 years ago, we create fine and affordable furniture today.

Stop by a Bassett showroom near you and walk the floor. We’ve got some great contemporary pieces that will be vintage in the blink of an eye and styles that will appeal to the retro in everyone.

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