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Dining Room Sets

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Stylish Dining Room Sets From Bassett Furniture

From modern and chic to rustic and traditional, Bassett Furniture's stunning selection of custom dining room sets has something for every taste and style.

Bassett Furniture fits into life's most important moments – the ones you spend with family and friends. Our masterfully crafted dining room sets are a marriage of traditional construction and modern flair. Each piece is a striking visual of clean lines and luxurious finishes with a refined blend of form and function.

The goodness of family life shines through the dining room. The joys and challenges of the day are unpacked and shared over a hearty meal, framed by the precious time spent with those we love the most.

Set the right tone for every big family dinner with the perfect dining room furniture set from Bassett.

How Many People do you Need to Seat at the Table?

Your dining room set size depends on how many people live in your house and how often you plan to entertain guests. How many children do you have? Do you enjoy inviting people over often for dinner parties? How many people usually come to visit during the holidays? Choose a dining room set that seats everyone. Your dining room set serves as the centerpiece of every gathering, so remember to think about every occasion before buying.

What Style of Table Should I Buy?

Every dining room set needs to match the theme of the dining room. Whether it's more formal, casual, or somewhere in-between, the style of your dining room should influence what kind of dining room table and chairs to buy. Feel free to mix things up to keep your space interesting.

Also, consider the overall style of your home. Will this set fit in with the rest of your home? How will you feel about the set 10 years from now? Bassett Furniture offers a wide selection of dining room sets so you can find the perfect match. From rustic to oak to glass, you're sure to find the best one for your home. If you need help, you can also reach out to one of our design specialists.

Common Dining Room & Kitchen Table Shapes

Which table shape you need depends on many factors, including the number of seats required, the size of your space, and the aesthetic of your space. We have a range of popular dining room table shapes that will fit any style or size requirement no matter your needs.

We carry a variety of kitchen & dining room tables in a range of shapes, including:

Kitchen & Dining Table Set Materials

Depending on the material you pick, a kitchen table or dining room set will give off a distinctly different look and feel. If you're going for something more modern, you may pick copper or glass, but if you're going for something more rustic, leather or solid hardwood would be your go-to.

What Size Should my Dining Room Set be?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying dining room furniture is getting the wrong size. Always measure the width and length of the room before looking for a set. Also, pay close attention to the size of the table and chairs. Ideally, you need around three feet of space on all sides of the table. That way, people can walk around without bumping into tables and chairs. If you have table leaves, use the largest size the table can be with chairs as a reference.

Bassett Furniture can help you choose the size for your room. Visit one of our storerooms to get a feel for your dining room.

Standard Kitchen & Dining Room Table Heights

While you will find dining room tables in a wide variety of heights, there are some standards you need to consider. For the table to be functional, there needs to be enough room for people's legs between the table and the chairs you'll be getting. Usually, you'll see tables with a height of 25" to 30". However, the size you should buy depends on the height of the chairs you'll be using.

Counter-Height Dining Room & Kitchen Tables

A counter-height table usually has a dual purpose of being an informal eating area and a kitchen countertop. These tables typically run 35" or taller. These tables are an excellent choice for separating a dining or living space from an open kitchen.

Standard Round Kitchen & Dining Room Table Sizes

A round kitchen or dining room table creates a family atmosphere and conversation since everyone faces each other. However, a round table isn't ideal if you need to seat many guests.

0 - 4 Guests: 36" to 44" diameter
4 - 6 Guests: 44" to 54" diameter
6 - 8 Guests: 54" to 72" diameter

Standard Oval Kitchen & Dining Room Table Sizes

An oval table features the smooth style of a round table and the ability to seat more people for its size.

4 - 6 Guests: 36" Diameter & 55" Length
6 - 8 Guests: 36" Diameter & 72" Length
8 - 10 Guests: 36" Diameter & 84" Length

Standard Square Kitchen & Dining Room Table Sizes

One of the most standard table sizes, and for a good reason. A square table can provide many seating spots and slide flush next to a wall when it's not in full use.

Standard Rectangle Kitchen & Dining Room Table Sizes

A rectangular table is the most common and is ideal for large gatherings. You can easily maximize your foot traffic space, depending on the table's width.

0 - 4 Seats: 36" Wide & 48" Long
4 - 6 Seats: 36" Wide & 60" Long
6 - 8 Seats: 36" Wide & 78" Long


Have Your Dining Room Set Custom Built

Shopping for fine furniture is a highly personal experience. While there is no shortage of dining room set choices at any Bassett Furniture store, we don't blame you for wanting something made just for you.

At Bassett, you are encouraged to take control and tell us exactly how you want your formal dining room set made. With the help of our design consultants, you can bring your vision to life. From traditional dining room sets to more contemporary dining room sets, we can help you find the perfect one for your room.

To get started on your very own customized dining room set, schedule a design consultation appointment at a Bassett Furniture store nearest you.


Dining Room Sets F.A.Q.

We answer the most common questions about dining room sets.

How do I choose a dining room set?

Choosing a dining room set depends on your priority. The first place we usually advise to start is figuring out your budget for a dining room set. Next, consider how many people you plan on sitting at your dining table and the seating arrangement. For example, some prefer an oval or circle table because everyone faces each other. However, if your style is more classic, a square or rectangle table might be more your speed. Last but not least, measure your space to ensure you have enough room for your dining room set.

How can I make a small dining room look bigger?

There are many tips and tricks you can use to make a small dining room bigger. Firstly, look for a table that can either fold down or has insertable leaves to make it bigger or smaller, depending on your need. Another option could be using a round table, as this shape typically frees up more room than the others.

Does dining room furniture have to match?

Not at all! Mixing and matching various styles is a popular way of decorating a dining room. However, the line between a good combination and two pieces that don't go together is thin. If you need help picking the perfect dining room furniture combination, our interior design consultants can help you choose the ideal dining room furniture pieces.

Does a formal dining room add value?

Adding a formal dining room does most certainly add value to a home. Having a formal dining room is something more affluent homebuyers expect. According to some real estate experts, you need a formal dining room to list your home above a specific price point.

Can you mix and match dining room furniture?

Yes! Mixing and matching furniture is one of the most trendy ways to arrange a space. Frequently, the pieces that go the best together are across each other on the color and style spectrum.

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