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    Our legacy of craftsmanship and style spans more than 115 years. Made with pride since day one.

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Shop Designer Furniture Online

Are you ready for a truly special online furniture store experience? Shopping for furniture has never been this easy, fun, or productive. Welcome to Bassett's online furniture store.

Here, you'll find countless examples and models of the high quality, fine furniture we are known for the world over. We take the care to design each piece of furniture using traditional, time-proven furniture-building methods.

Quality wood, knowledgeable hands, and time – those have pretty much been the ingredients ever since our beginnings in 1902. Furniture is personal, and it'll be with you for a long while. Our advice: take the same time and care to select your home furniture as we've put into making it. Find the right furniture store online to make your home look the best you can make it. The right piece of furniture will continue to reward you over its significant lifespan.

Living Room Furniture

Our living room furniture lines feature an exquisite collection of sets and pieces sure to fit any style of decor you prefer. Our designs, ranging from eclectic, modern, traditional, and contemporary, highlight many handmade and carefully curated design elements. Our unique range of items is sure to match your home's indoor décor perfectly, no matter what your plans are for the room.

From bold and pronounced to subtle and undertoned, our range of accent furniture and room centerpieces will fill any need you want for your rooms.

Add personal touches to existing Bassett living room furniture, or be bold and create your own living room set from scratch. Our in-house design consultants are here to offer assistance throughout the process. Discover all the tools you need to construct your perfect living room oasis at Bassett Furniture.

Living Room Décor

Dining Room Furniture

The dining room furniture you pick is important for many reasons. Most importantly, the furniture you choose creates the atmosphere for those important moments and meals in your home with friends and family. From holidays to birthdays to a graduation party, you and your loved ones likely use the dining room to share special and unforgettable moments. Our designers are constantly working to bring you every style and option possible, and that shows.

Dining Room Décor

Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is arguably the most important room in your house. Getting a good night's sleep is very important for your overall health and well-being. Most people spend more than a third of their lives in their bedroom, if not more. Make your room a relaxing and comfortable space with our excellent designer beds and bedroom furniture selections.


Your sleep is important to both your physical and mental health and a large part of getting good sleep is having a quality mattress. To that end, we carry name brand mattresses so you can get the best sleep possible. Our selection of mattresses comes in all sizes, including California King, and uses durable materials, performance fabrics, and advanced technology.

Bedroom Décor

Outdoor Furniture

If your goal is to make your outdoor space more comfortable, Bassett Furniture’s assortment of patio and outdoor furniture has what you need to turn your deck or backyard into a great place for entertaining or relaxing.

We have designed our outdoor living collections with exceptional materials and construction quality, just like we do with our indoor furniture. All with a focus on proven styles and the best in outdoor fabrics. We’re excited to take you outside to relax.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Accessories

Design Help at Bassett Furniture

At Bassett Furniture, you are free to customize your furniture with your own personal touches and stylings. You can even design your own furniture from scratch. Our in-house design consultants stand ready to assist you through the entire process, answer your questions, and be a creative sounding board for your ideas.

Consult with our design professionals anywhere and anytime. Our designers are ready to help you work through your decisions, choose the right furniture and accessories, organize your thoughts, and make your dream home a reality. We're available by appointment and can meet in-person, over a video call, or in-store. Whatever works best for you.

Welcome to Bassett Furniture's Online Furniture Store

We're glad you decided to stop by and put your trust in Bassett Furniture's sterling reputation in fine furniture. Enjoy your furniture shopping experience!

How Do I Care For & Clean Designer Furniture?

First consider using blinds or window treatments if your furniture is next to a window or gets lost of natural light. When a piece of furniture sits in sunlight, it can become discolored over time. The same damage may also happen if your piece is in the direct line of heating and air outlets. While the damage received from heating and air outlets is small, it can build over an extended period of time.

Cleaning Fabric Furniture

Never take the cushion cover off to clean your designer furniture. To clean up a spilled drink, for example, rubbing will only make it worse. In the event of a spill or stain emergency, immediately blot with an absorbent and neutral color cloth. After you've contained the stain, check the tag on the furniture for cleaning instructions and methods. If the stain is bigger than you can contain, we often recommend professional furniture cleaning.

Cleaning Leather Furniture

Clean with a soft, damp white cloth. Skip the oils, polishes, or any cleaning agent and use water instead. Next, just wipe the stained area on the leather clean with a soft cloth. If the stain is bad and can't be removed with a wipe, we suggest a professional clean with Leather Solutions. You can give them a call at 1.866.875.7446. The team at Leather Solutions can also help you with ongoing maintenance before any stains occur. We often recommend contacting them when you get your furniture, so they can explain the best care procedures depending on your piece.

Designer Cushion Care

To keep your cushions in working order, regularly rotate the cushions around the piece. Also, giving cushions a fluff while you're doing it. This will ensure that your cushions don't wear out sooner than they should. Another issue you will run into is dust setting into the upholstery. In case you need to give your piece a vacuum, make sure to use an upholstery attachment to avoid damaging the piece.

Shop Designer Furniture, Made In The USA

The majority of the upholstery for our traditional home furniture is hand-assembled and sewn with pride in North Carolina. That includes routing and assembling the frame, cutting and sewing the fabrics and leathers, and upholstering the finished product. There are lots of people involved in creating each designer piece, and every one of them takes pride in their work.  We create your piece from the best materials available, sourced from American and global partners. 

Shop our designer furniture store to find all the makings of a beautiful, balanced, and elegant home.

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