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Glass Furniture

Let the world see you with glass furniture!  How nice would it be to have all your precious memories and prized possessions on beautiful display for you and your guests?  Allow your things to become the centerpiece of discussion.  Do you have photographs that are important to you and you would like to have them around you all day? Perhaps you have sports memorabilia that needs a place to call home.  Or perhaps you are looking for a new table made of glass to shine out in your kitchen with clarity. 

No matter what your reason, the brightness of glass around the house enhances the overall balance of a household. Our collections have it all, from sleek tables and chairs to luxurious china cabinets, all accented with glass.  Displaying some of your fine china would be the fantastic with glass doors from our Custom Dining furniture collection.  These stunning china cabinets automatically draw the eyes to its lovely finish and smooth design.  Another great choice for storing your timeless books and poetry would be the glass bookshelf.  A see-thru design allows you to choose your next read without even opening the cabinet doors.  Or perhaps instead of displaying books, use a couple shelves to showcase some of your precious figurines and small china.

Glass furniture serves all sorts of purposes and Bassett’s furniture collection understands this.  Allow your home to be custom decorated with some of the most sought after tables, bookcases, and china cabinets.

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