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Kids Daybeds

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If you’ve got limited space in your home, kids daybeds can be a smart choice. Kids daybeds typically have storage room or built in drawers for keeping clothing or toys. This can be of great benefit, particularly when there is limited closet space or floor space for another dresser.

Kids daybeds add versatility to a room as they can often be converted into single or double beds. Best of all, kids daybeds can be even more space efficient than bunk beds – and bunk beds don’t provide the added storage that daybeds do.

Versatility is a key concern when creating the right bedroom environment for your child. After all, this is where your child will get some of their first lessons in how to relax, socialize and clean up after him or herself.

The additional seating that daybeds for kids can provide will lend itself well to your child’s socializing with friends. Kids daybeds have the drawers and storage capacity you need to teach your child some early lessons in how to keep their room clean. Best of all, the added room and absence of clutter mean a better environment for your child to rest. And we all know how important a good night’s sleep is to our well-being.

Kids daybeds are available in a variety of styles from contemporary to traditional. From rustic wood to clean white, you’ll find the look and color that best compliments your decor as well as your child’s sensibilities.  With a kids daybed from Bassett, you’ll turn your child’s room into a fun environment for play during the day and a comfortable place to rest their head in the evening.

In addition to kids daybeds, we also carry a wide assortment of kid furniture designed to complement any decor. When purchasing a kids daybed, consider a matching small nightstand, dresser or desk.

Visit a Bassett Furniture showroom near you to see the finest kids daybeds on the market today. Use our store locator to find the nearest location or simply shop online. Either way, you can shop with the confidence and knowledge that you’re getting the very best in kids daybeds and furniture.

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