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Kids Dressers

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Beyond the obvious, the furniture in your child’s room may not seem like much of a concern. However, when you take into account the many functions that a child’s room serves, it can be easy to overlook the relative importance of kids dressers.

A child’s room is much more than a place to sleep. It serves as a place for your child and his friends to get together and socialize. Essentially, it’s a play room by day. And since chaos is directly proportional to the number of friends your child has in his room at any one time, a mess will be made. A dresser for kids can cut down on the level of chaos, help your child clean up after himself and stay organized until the next play date.

And with such a wide selection of styles and materials to work with, you’re sure to find the dresser that matches that kids daybed you’ve already picked out. From contemporary to traditional and in all shapes, sizes and colors, Bassett’s vast assortment of dressers for kids will help you find the right one and put the finishing touches on a great room for your child.

To get the most out of your investment, think carefully about the size of the kids dresser you’ll need. If several children share a room, you’ll obviously want a larger dresser. If space is an issue, you may elect to purchase a tall dresser. However, don’t forget that if you want your child or children to be able to organize themselves, you’ll need to makes sure that all drawers are within their reach. A kids dresser that is too tall defeats the purpose. And let’s not forget – boys are inclined to climb to a room’s highest point and test out their skydiving skills.

In addition to a sleep and play space, your child will also spend significant time on scholastic pursuits. Don’t worry – the folks at Bassett have you covered. Visit your nearest Bassett Furniture showroom and check out the incredible selection of kid furniture including desks and desk lamps, all designed to bring out the best in your budding student.

Before you settle on just any kids dresser, stop by a Bassett Furniture showroom for the very best value in children’s furniture.

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