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Kids Headboards

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For you child, it seems as if every day is another milestone. Graduating from a toddler bed to their very first “big kids bed” is just such an example. At this age, expressing one’s individuality can be extremely important to a child. Kids headboards can help your little guy or girl express their own personal style. Kids take a special pride in their very first possessions – why should a kids headboard be any different?

As boys grow into adolescence, they may choose a headboard that is more rustic in appearance, perhaps with a nautical theme. Girls may opt for something a bit more stylish – perhaps a brass frame or canopy bed with a headboard and high posts. Both boys and girls may prefer to have a kids headboard with shelves for books or with storage drawers to keep their most treasured belongings and knickknacks in one place.

Bassett has an incredible collection of upholstered kids headboards, so your imagination won’t be confined by a limited selection. Upholstered headboards look great and can be customized using fabrics that match you and your child’s aesthetic sensibilities. Best of all, upholstered kids headboards have an added benefit that will probably be lost on your child – but not you. A child who falls or is pushed back while rough-housing in their room will not hurt themselves by hitting their head against the headboard. Anyone who has more than one boy in their home will recognize the importance of that benefit.

While shopping for kids headboards, consider matching pieces from Bassett Furniture’s wide assortment of kid furniture. You’ll find nightstands, storage ottomans and dressers in all the styles, fabrics and materials necessary to match any decor.  And for the blossoming student in your home, you may wish to pick up a stately desk and desk lamp. The greatest favor you can do for your child is to provide them with a good learning environment, making a desk arguably the most important piece of furniture in his room.

Stop by a Bassett Furniture showroom and peruse the showroom floor. Check out the finest kids headboards, beds and furniture on the market today. Can’t make it out of the house? No problem. You can shop online and receive the same great value and service one gets when they visit a store. Visit our room planner to maximize your floor plan, then stop by the online HGTV HOME™ Design Studio and start making your dream room a reality!

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