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Leather Club Chairs


Would you like to make a room in your house the “place to be”. Nothing makes a house more enjoyable than having a room that is set up with relaxation and comfort in mind.  Everyone needs a place to go to after a long day at work, or just hanging out on the weekends.  One great way to achieve this room of comfort would be with a new leather club chair by Bassett Furniture. If you really want to portray an image of cool than the Bassett Furniture black leather chair would be the best choice.  Its contemporary design allows for a dark and rich element of comfort.  What better way to watch the big game on Sunday than with friends and your very own captain’s chair.  You really feel in control from the most comfortable chair in the house.  Be the envy of all your friends and neighbors with this ultra plus and smooth sitting experience. Maybe you want to go with a more classic feel of smooth brown leather which is available on many of Bassett Furniture selection.  One of Bassett Furniture particularly favorite piece is the leather club chair.  It even portrays the look of the most comfortable chair in the house with its timeworn hand wiped finish.  This chair will be the one that everybody will want to sit in so you may want to get more than one, or learn to share.  Be sure to have enough seats for your company and friends to be able to relax in comfort as well.  Perhaps adding a leather couch to go with your new leather club chair would achieve enough luxurious sitting space for everyone.   

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