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Accent Chairs

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Find Amazing Accent Chairs at Bassett Furniture

A flash of color. A sprinkle of contrasting design. A pop of enthusiastic effervescence.

Accent chairs from Bassett Furniture can provide that final, exciting element to complete a well-crafted, fashionable look for any room in your home. 

Shop our incredible online selection of accent living room chairs, bedroom accent chairs, accent armchairs, modern accent chairs and more. You'll find comfortable accent chairs of all sizes and styles, ready to satisfy the most discerning tastes in home furniture. 

What Is An Accent Chair?

Accent chairs provide a contrasting element for rooms with established, dominant motifs. They deliver a delightful change of pace in support of the broader design scheme. 

Choosing an accent chair is more than just finding functionality and usability; it's choosing the aesthetic qualities they communicate. The purpose of accent chairs is two-fold: to catch your attention, and to complement the overall room theme. 

Why Choose An Accent Chair? 

Finding furniture items that match each other is a natural way to go about furnishing a room. That's why furniture sets are so popular. The only downside with that approach is that everything tends to look the same.

Any interior designer worth their salt will advise you to avoid creating a living space featuring too much of any one thing. If you're furnishing a retail space, a clean, minimalist, monochromatic approach makes sense. But, that's definitely not the case when it comes to your home.

Creating elegant living spaces requires warmth, style and comfort. It also requires an eye for contrast and balance. And that's exactly where accent chairs come in handy.

Durable Accent Chairs

From the construction and materials of the frame all the way to the stitching materials and manufacturing process, the exhaustive attention to detail that goes into creating our accent chairs plays a major role in ensuring our commitment to building quality furniture that stands the test of time. All of our accent chairs are made with an interlocking frame design, thicker laminated hardwood, and drop-in coil or sinuous wire foundations, resulting in a finished accent chair that is as durable as it is comfortable so you can enjoy your accent chair for years to come.

Comfortable Accent Chairs

We take pride in being able to create accent chairs that are renowned for their luxury and comfort. To ensure that your seating experience is nothing short of as comfortable as possible, each of our accent chairs are fitted with fully upholstered cushions and arms (in armchairs), encased pillow cores, and channeled polyester fill-back cushions.

Types of Accent Chairs at Bassett Furniture

We offer a wide selection of high-quality accent chairs built to last a lifetime and provide years of stylish comfort. 

Modern And Contemporary Accent Chairs

Find all sorts of contemporary takes on traditional seating with our selection of modern accent chairs. From re-imagined sitting chairs to fresh approaches to high back seats and more, there's plenty of options that cater to the latest styles and fashions.  

Traditional Accent Chairs

Don't want to go too trendy, but still desire that jolt of contrast? No problem. Bassett has a great line of traditional accent chairs.

Find your favorite among a great collection of leather and fabric accent chairs, and create a dignified, regal feel in your study or office. Or, peruse a multitude of gorgeous, wood trim accent chairs – a more refined take on your grandmother's beloved sitting chair. 

Casual Accent Chairs

There's nothing wrong with a more dressed-down approach. And casual does not have to mean boring or bland. There are lots of choices for shoppers with a preference for comfort and style in a more relaxed atmosphere. Casual accent chairs at Bassett deliver all that while maintaining an air of unpretentious elegance.  

Accent Chair Materials

We look far and wide for the highest quality accent chair materials. The designers, artisans, and tanners that help create the leather and performance fabrics that go into our accent chairs share our commitment to quality that has defined Bassett’s long history of excellence.

Leather Accent Chairs

The classic look of leather accent chairs embodies a timeless elegance that can add to the design flavor of any room. You can choose from several leather types and finishes, allowing for a sublime seating experience that combines the rugged, stylish look of leather furniture with luxury comfort. Timeless in more ways than one, the durability of our leather accent chairs allows them to grow in beauty and comfort with age.

Fabric Accent Chairs

Our fabric accent chairs are highly customizable, as you can choose from hundreds of fabrics with numerous performance fabric types, colors, and textures. A major benefit of this is that it gives you the freedom to express yourself creatively so that you can create an accent chair that fits your style and personal preference for comfort.

Custom Accent Chairs

Want the perfect accent chair? Our custom design program allows you to choose from a vast variety of materials and finishes for your accent chair. While it is understandable for one to feel overwhelmed with so many options to choose from, Bassett makes the custom design process fun and easy, as our knowledgeable design consultants can help you as much or as little as you need in order to ensure the perfect look. We work hard to ensure that the process of partnering with us to create custom accent chairs is a delightful part of the overall experience.

Visit Our Stores

Shopping online for your perfect accent chair at is easy, convenient and fun. You can even apply different fabric or leather options and see how they look. 

But to experience the full breadth of accent chair customization options, you'll have to visit a Bassett Furniture store in person. Our in-store design consultants can help you see all that's possible. To get started, schedule a design appointment with our experienced design team today. 

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