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Credenzas & Consoles

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Credenzas and Consoles

Shop the Bassett collection of credenzas and consoles for the storage pieces you need to make your living or dining room the perfect place to entertain. Best of all, you need not sacrifice style for functionality. Our furniture designers focus on making our credenzas and consoles functional first, and then they pair that with great, timeless style.

Choose from traditional or contemporary designs, from buffets to sliding door credenzas. It’s all here under one roof. Browse our showroom floor and experience cutting-edge design for yourself. Get inspired by the fabulous new looks in our line of credenzas, consoles, and media cabinets.


How Do You Pick A Credenza Size?

You typically find a credenza in an office or study space as a desk companion piece. Credenzas do not have standard lengths; lengths can vary depending on how much storage you need. Credenzas generally feature high legs of about 30 to 32 inches. However, we usually recommend you choose legs tall enough to match your desk's height.


The standard credenza depth is generally 18-22 inches. However, credenzas can be as low as 10 inches or as high as 25 inches.


Credenzas will usually measure between 50” to 140” in width. Credenza width varies depending on the features and style of the piece.


Credenzas usually have a height of between 20” to 35”. However, because of the range of styles and features, that number can go as high as 45” inches.


Custom Credenzas, Consoles, & Media Cabinets

If you’re feeling particularly creative, design your credenza or console with a myriad of finish options. Our custom program is for folks like you who want to add your own style to your home environment. You can truly create a custom piece that firmly places your imprint on the design and decor of your living or dining room.

Credenza & Console Color Options

The easiest way to pick a credenza or console finish/color while simultaneously creating a fantastic space is to mix and match colors and tones. When determining the color or finish for your credenza, consider how it will complement the current colors in your space. Don’t be afraid to be bold when picking a finish. Often the best color combinations lie across from each other on the color wheel and are contrasting. If you need help selecting a color or finish for your credenza, book an appointment or stop by any local store to see our complete selection of 800+ designer fabrics, colors, and materials.

Credenza & Console Materials

Choosing the right material for your credenza matters as much as choosing its color and hardware. Not only does the material you choose have a significant impact on your console or credenza’s looks, but it also changes how your piece feels. For example, a metal trimmed or topped credenza would have a colder and more modern feel when compared to something like wood or stone, which can project a warmer feeling.

Our Credenza & Console Collections

We carry a range of credenzas and console collections sure to match any style. Discover Bassett’s MODERN collection with clean lines, luxe accents, and relaxed comfort. The BenchMade collection features credenzas made with sustainably sourced timber and classic American finishes for something more natural and traditional. BenchMade pieces are all built with time-tested woodworking techniques.

Credenzas Made in America

Our BenchMade line of credenzas and media consoles represents a return to traditional furniture craftsmanship. Handcrafted one piece at a time, our artisan craftsmen build your credenza or console with meticulous care and attention to detail. Each BenchMade furniture piece is made right here in Bassett, Virginia from quality materials, sourced both from the US and globally.

There are no assembly lines here–just artisan craftsmen doing what they do best. Bassett creates future heirlooms for you and your family to cherish and enjoy for many years to come.


Credenzas & Consoles F.A.Q.

We answer the most common questions about credenzas and console tables.


What is the meaning of credenza?

The word credenza originated from its original use in 14th century Italy. Credenzas were most commonly used to store food and drink before poison testing. That’s why the word credenza is the Italian word “belief.”


How deep is a credenza?

The depth of credenzas can vary greatly depending on their design. However, there are some averages that you will see again and again. Usually, credenza depths are 18 to 22 inches. Since credenzas are generally a companion piece to a desk or study area, most of the piece's depth will also include storage.


What is a "standard lamp" for a credenza?

When people refer to a lamp as a “desk lamp,” they typically reference its design and the level of light it emits. Desk lamps are usually short compared to other lamps because they are placed on a desk rather than on the floor. Lumens are the units of measurement for the amount of light that a fixture emits. Usually, for studying or most desk work, you’ll need 50 lumens per square foot of illuminated space.


Can I use a credenza as a TV stand?

Yes, you can use a credenza as a TV stand easily. It’s so common that there is even a category of credenzas known as “TV Credenzas.”


Why is it called a credenza?

The word credenza is the Italian word for “belief,” which refers to the original purpose of keeping food and drink that needed testing for poison. Now, however, credenzas have a variety of uses, from TV stands to storage.

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