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Full Sleeper Sofas

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Your Guests Will Love Your Full Sleeper Sofa from Bassett

What's better than a great sofa? How about a great sofa that lets your friends and family stay the night? 

A full size sleeper sofa from Bassett Furniture allows you to accommodate an unexpected sleepover at a moment's notice. You can still play host to overnight guests, even if your home doesn't have a guest room. Long-distance friends, favorite aunts and uncles, old college buddies and party guests who shouldn't be driving home can all have a cozy place to lay their head. 

And, getting a sofa that's going to be pulling double-duty doesn't mean that you will have to sacrifice style or comfort. You're in the exact right place to find a great solution that gives you the best of both worlds. 

Shop Bassett Furniture's delightful online collection of full size sleeper sofas and be ready to take the mantle of the world's best host. 

Where to Place Your Full Size Sleeper Sofa

What's the advantage of having a sleeper sofa that occupies a smaller footprint? You can put it almost anywhere. 

A full size sleeper sofa can be used as part of your living room decor, as it comfortably accommodates three people. Pair it with another sofa or a set of accent chairs to make a great entertainment space. It can also go into the family den to create a makeshift guest bedroom with a tad more privacy. 

Many home offices feature a sofa for more comfortable seating. Why not make that sofa a sleeper? No one is at their best when they're tired. You can take a refreshing nap without messing up your bedroom and wake up ready to brainstorm the next brilliant idea. Or, your home office can easily transform into another space for your guests. 

A full size sleeper sofa is flexible enough to find a home in most any room inside your home. 

Match Your Full Sleeper Sofa to Any Room Decor

With a wide range of possible room destinations, it's important to be able to customize your sleeper sofa for many different decorative styles. At Bassett, you're able to do just that. 

Choose from a plethora of various fabrics and upholstery leathers. Our fabric workroom features a selection of 800 different designer fabrics. From classic linens and luxurious velvets, to all sorts of performance blends, you're sure to find a beautiful fabric to match your favorite decor. 

For a more refined look, take your pick of any of our 50 leathers. 

Want even more choice? There are additional ways to customize your full size sleeper sofa to create your ideal version. And our team of in-store design associates is here to help you. 

To start customizing your perfect full sleeper sofa, schedule a design consultation appointment today. 

Visit Bassett Furniture

You can spend hours perusing all the great living room, dining room and bedroom furniture featured on our website. There are many beautiful pieces to consider.

But, to get a true feel for the quality of craftsmanship inherent in our furniture, you'll have to visit us in person. Find the Bassett Furniture store nearest you, and come in to see us today. 

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