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Small Space Sofas

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Bassett Has the Best Small Sofas for Small Spaces

Creating a comfortable, cozy sitting nook in a small space doesn't have to be difficult. You can make any small room into your personal oasis of calm and relaxation with the right small sofa. Why should big rooms have all the fun? Make the very best use of the space that you have.

At Bassett Furniture, you'll find small space sofas that maximize both comfort and the limited space you have available. Customize your small sofa with your own unique touch and style or to match your existing room design. Our furniture is designed to withstand a lifetime of use and still look and feel great.

Shop Bassett Furniture's intriguing selection of small sofas designed for use in apartments, studios or rooms with finite floor space.

Our Small Sofa Collections

We carry a range of small sofas collections sure to match any style. Bassett’s MODERN collection features clean lines, luxe accents and a relaxed, comfortable feel. Or, discover something more natural and traditional like the Thames collection, with small sofas offering casual style with a moderately-scaled weltless track arm and including a waterfall skirt for a slipcovered look.


American Casual


Custom Upholstery









Small Sofas Come in Different Styles & Sizes

Just because spatial constraints may limit you doesn't mean you're short on options when shopping for a great small sofa. Choose from many different types of upholstery, cushions, arm styles, leg height, seating height and seating depth. There are plenty of ways to sprinkle in your own unique style in your small sofa.

Average Small Sofa Dimensions

An apartment size sectional sofa could be as small as 80 inches wide by 35 inches deep. Loveseats and chaise lounges are naturally good options for smaller spaces, with standard styles measuring somewhere around 60 inches wide by 35 inches deep.

Your average small or "apartment-sized" sofa could be as small as 60" inches wide by 30" inches deep. However, because of various styles such as lounges, loveseats and sectionals, small sofas can be as large as 80" inches wide and 45" inches deep. The depth of a small sofa changes depending on the seating style. For something with a more upright seating position, you'll typically see 19" inches to 21" inches and up to 27" inches for lounge-style seating.

Small Sofa Depths

30-35 Inches

35-40 Inches

40-45 Inches

Small Sofa Height

35-40 Inches

40-45 Inches

Small Sofa Seat Depth

19-21 Inches

21-23 Inches

23-25 Inches

25-27 Inches

Difference Between Small Sofas & Loveseats

Why choose a small sofa and not a loveseat? A standard loveseat typically comes in at 52 inches wide. That's definitely small enough to fit inside your apartment. But, will a loveseat make the most of the space you have available?

A small sofa can give you a bit more wiggle room while still maintaining a smaller footprint than a regular-size sofa or sectional. The best sofas for small spaces offer between 72 and 78 inches of width and still maintain a spartan depth. Some even stretch out to 84 inches to help you maximize your seating space.

Small Sofa vs. Regular-Size Sofa

There are many reasons why a small sofa can make more sense than a regular-size sofa. Obviously, if your living room can't accommodate a full-size sofa, a small sofa is the perfect solution.

But, nowadays sofas aren't just limited to use in living rooms. They're found everywhere from your home or business office to your bedroom, kids' playroom and sunroom. A regular-size sofa may unnecessarily dominate smaller rooms, whereas a small sofa can fit in seamlessly.

When a loveseat is too small and a regular-sized sofa is too much, your solution is a small sofa designed for small spaces. The small sofa is really the Goldilocks of apartment seating options.

Customize Your Small Sofa to Your Liking

At Bassett Furniture, you can design your perfect small sofa to fit your style and preferences. From upholstery, cushions and accent pillows to arm styles, seat depth and trim, you get to decide exactly how your small sofa will look.

To get started with your very own small sofa design, schedule an in-person appointment with our design consultants at your nearest Bassett Furniture store.

Available Small Sofa Materials

The type of material you pick for your sofa matters as much as the color or hardware. Not only does the material you choose have a huge impact on your small sofa's looks, but maybe more importantly, it changes how your piece feels. For example, a leather sofa with metal accents would have a colder and more modern feel when compared to something like fabric or wood, which can project a warmer feel in your space.

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