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Wood Coffee Tables


Find High-Quality Wood Coffee Tables at Bassett Furniture

Wood coffee tables provide that statement centerpiece around which a well-designed room can be arranged. Or, they can accessorize a room already featuring plenty of pop. Whatever your style preferences and space requirements, Bassett Furniture has the wooden coffee table destined to be enjoyed inside your home for years to come. Find yours today. 

Custom-Made Solid Wood Coffee Tables & More

Shop our Bench*Made line of solid wood coffee tables and have it custom made to your exact specifications. Be the designer and add your own personal touches. Our experienced craftsmen will expertly create every customized component, bringing your vision to life. 

Get your project started with a visit to a Bassett Furniture store near you. Or, schedule an appointment online with our in-house design team.

Bassett Furniture Wooden Coffee Tables Made to Last

We are proud to produce some of the highest-caliber, American-made furniture ever made. With a well-earned reputation for enduring quality, Bassett Furniture is built to withstand the test of time – each piece aging gracefully, as companions to your life. 

Experience the high-quality workmanship of Bassett Furniture wood coffee tables in person. Let our knowledgeable store associates take you around our showroom and help you get a feel for all the options at your disposal. 

Visit a Bassett Furniture store today.  

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