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Nook Tables


The way you fill the small places in your house can make a stunning difference.  For example, imagine walking into a foyer and there is nothing bur empty corners.  Then imagine walking into that same foyer with the perfect little pedestal table in the corner shelving a beautiful vase with flowers.  By filling this small nook, you transform the way that your home welcomes guest and friends.  There are many little places all around the house that are just begging for the perfect nook table to fill it with life.  Nook tables, not only transform boring rooms into lively rooms, they also serve an important function for displaying prized possessions.  Bassett Furniture has great ideas for the nooks in your home.  Use the classic design to decorate any room, and place your favorite photographs on top for all to see.   It also comes with two perfect size drawers and a door cover storage area for items you need to keep out of site.  Bassett Furniture has great ways to showcase any floral arrangement whether it is in a foyer or living room area.  A simple yet sleek design of smooth curves and rounded top allows you to fill any nook in your home.   Nook tables are a great way to spice up your rooms with pizzazz and style.  Bassett Furniture has an incredible selection of these corner or end tables that will add a stunning beauty to your entire household.   We have an extensive collection including solid wood, contemporary, modern, or traditional end and nook tables.

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