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Outdoor Benches

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Get a Great Outdoor Bench for Your Backyard from Bassett Furniture

Looking to create a comfortable place from which to observe your garden or backyard scenery? Maybe you're a stargazer thrilled by the spectacular views of the night sky. Perhaps you just want to spend more time out on your patio enjoying the breeze and the fresh air.

An outdoor bench from Bassett Furniture can help you enjoy all your favorite backyard outdoor activities and make the most of your open-air paradise.

Shop the terrific selection of outdoor benches in Bassett Furniture's outdoor furniture collection.

Types of Outdoor Benches

Not all outdoor bench furniture is made the same. In fact, there are a number of different outdoor seating benches to choose from. Selecting the right one for you involves an understanding of the functionality you're seeking and considerations of your personal style.

Here are a few outdoor bench options from Bassett to consider:

Outdoor Dining Bench

Having a great meal outdoors is one of life's more enjoyable pleasures. And, it's even better when you have your favorite people to enjoy it with. An outdoor dining bench or two creates plenty of space for your family and friends to gather around your outdoor dining table.

Garden Bench

If you have a green thumb and like to put it to good use, a garden bench is less of an accessory and more of a necessity. Gardening is hard work. A comfy place to sit and rest in between your planting, weeding, and pruning is just a smart investment. It's also a great spot from which to enjoy your handiwork.

Outdoor Backless Bench

Garden benches typically come equipped with a nice strong back. That support is much appreciated when you come over for a rest. But not every outdoor bench requires one. Whether you value maneuverability or prefer a more sleek design, a backless outdoor bench just might be more your speed.

Other Outdoor Bench Add-Ons

Looking for something to go with your bench? We have a range of add-ons to pair with your bench to maximize your patio or outdoor enjoyment.

Accent Furniture

Side Chairs

What Materials Is Outdoor Bench Furniture Made From?

There is no one, best material for an outdoor bench. The right one for you depends on your personal taste and preference. And, at Bassett, we're happy to provide several different options.

Wood / Teak Outdoor Bench

Wood benches don't absorb nearly as much heat as their metal counterparts. That makes them ideal for sitting out on a warm, sunny day. Wood also offers a more natural style and durability. That said, wood benches can show a patina (a thin film caused by exposure to air) over time if sealants aren't applied – which may, in fact, be the desired look.

Metal / Aluminum Outdoor Bench

Metal bench construction provides maximum sturdiness and the ability to withstand the more severe weather conditions. However, metal does absorb and hold heat more than wood. On those hot, summer days, that can create some discomfort if you don't remember to use a bench cover.

Wicker Outdoor Bench

Wicker benches have a bit more give to them compared with wood or metal surfaces, which makes for a more comfortable seating experience.

Bassett's Outdoor Bench Collections

We carry a range of outdoor benches in various collections sure to match any style. From Bassett’s Edgemont collection with clean lines, crisply tailored upholstery, and a solid Indonesian teak wood construction. To something more natural and traditional like the Savannah collection with outdoor benches taking the design cues from mid-century rattan and wicker furniture.





Outdoor Bench Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How long should an outdoor bench last?

The life of your outdoor bench depends on many factors including where you live, the severity of the weather, and how well you care for your bench. To ensure your bench lasts as long as possible, choose long-lasting materials like teak, and keep your bench out of the sun if possible.

Does an outdoor bench need to be covered?

It's not required to keep your outdoor bench covered, however, it will extend its life if you do.

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