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Round Baby Cribs

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While style and price play a part in your decision, your baby’s comfort and safety are of paramount importance when selecting a round baby crib. Your child’s nursery should be fashionable but more significantly, functional.  With the wide selection of round cribs in the Bassett childrens furniture collection, you’re sure to find the round baby crib that meets and exceeds your standards for style and substance.

Round cribs are ideal for smaller nurseries and can create the illusion of more space. Even if space is not an issue, round cribs give the room a different look. They look absolutely great when placed in the center of a nursery so if that is consistent with your floor plan, it would serve you well to consider purchase of a round crib. Additionally, round cribs give your child’s room a more contemporary look and feel.

Ideally, we want to provide our children with stimulating environments. It’s why we hang mobiles above a baby’s crib or add toys to the crib area. So why stop there? When centrally placed, a round baby crib gives your child the luxury of being able to view the entire room. Adults like a scenic view so why not provide your child with the same perk?

Round baby cribs can also be safer than their rectangular counterparts. When a child falls backward, they are less likely to bump their head against a railing in a round crib as opposed to a more restrictive rectangular crib. Additionally, a parent can watch over their child more effectively without a solid headboard or footboard obscuring their line of sight.

Stop by a Bassett Furniture showroom and check out our wide selection of round cribs, baby bedding, dressers, chests and more. Shop online or use our store locator to find a nearby Bassett Furniture store. Either way, you can shop with confidence knowing that you’ve purchased the very best for your little one. 

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