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Wine Consoles

Are you looking for a piece of furniture that is overflowing with class and appeal?  Do you want something that is just stunning and creates an atmosphere of sophistication and a modern sense of style?  Every now and then the perfect piece just comes to you and you know that it will complete your entire home.  Wine consoles portray this image of success and class, but also give of a certain amount of casualness to liven up any situation.

If fine wine is one of your favorite hobbies to enjoy than you need a great place to store them.  Please do not insult a vintage port with a poor judgment of storage.  This can leave a bitter taste when it should be one of the purest in life.  One excellent example of fine storage offered by Bassett Furniture is the console with a compartment deck.  This marvelous piece is modeled after some of the finest artisan work of the classical period.  Not only is it an excellent storage compartment for your fine wine, but also serves as a storage unit for many other things.  Next time you reach for one of your favorite bottles, make sure your reaching into the console to insure perfect bliss.  Another excellent storage facility for your wine from the collection is the sommelier's cabinet.  While not tall, it still serves as a fine piece of furniture for all your storage needs.  It comes equipped with four drawers at the top and plenty of wine storage on each side.  So no matter what you are looking for in wine consoles, be sure to let Bassett Furniture outfit your home with style.    

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