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How to Care for Wood Furniture

Congratulations! You’ve made an investment in your home décor. Now that you’re sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying your new surroundings, we know you’ll want to keep things looking this new for a long time.

The great news is that Bassett Furniture is built to last—the same as we did more than 100 years ago. So, with minimal maintenance, your wood furniture will be a lasting masterpiece. Here’s what you need to know about how to care for wood furniture.Bassett Verona

How to Clean Wood Furniture

Regular Wood Furniture Cleaning

Taking care of wood is easy. You don’t have to dust your furniture every day. But we do recommend a quick cleaning once a week. In fact, you may not have to buy furniture polish for the task. 

First, know that different wood finishes may require different care instructions. For certain wood finishes, a 100% cotton cloth slightly dampened with mild dish detergent and water will do the trick. (Synthetic fibers can cause surface scratches.) Check with your furniture retailer to confirm the proper care for the finish on your wood furniture.

Simply and quickly, wipe down your furniture with the dampened cloth. Then wipe away any remaining moisture with a dry cloth. That’s it!

Maintaining the Finish on Your Wood Furniture

Since Bassettt Furniture is classic, timeless, and designed to last a lifetime, we want to help you make it last that long. Finishes today are designed to be low sheen, with no ‘luster.’ So, to maintain the beautiful finish on your wood furniture, we recommend avoiding wax-based polishes. These products will accumulate in crevasses and detract from the overall look of your furniture.

Damage Protection for Your Wood Furniture

As with anything you buy, overuse or abuse can create damage over time. So, here are a few do’s and don’ts that will help prevent damage to your beautiful wood furniture.

  • Always use a coaster under glasses, mugs, plates, hot pizza boxes, etc. These items may lightly scratch your wood surface. In addition, hot, cold or moist items will react with the wood surface and create discolored white rings or other marks.
  • Avoid resting your feet on the furniture. Many shoes have heels, rough edges or metal embellishments that can scratch your wood furniture. In addition, frequent rubbing of your heels on the table while wearing socks can create a shiny spot.
  • Don’t let pets walk across or scratch your wood furniture. As much as we love our furballs, they can cause inadvertent damage too. Besides, the carpet or your lap are probably a lot more comfortable!
  • Use felt pads under items that will sit on your wood surface: lamps, vases, decorations, some coasters, clocks, etc. These items can create scratches in your wood surface as well.
  • When writing, place something thicker underneath your paper, such as a book or magazine. Wood is soft, so your handwriting can travel through the paper and onto your tabletop.
  • Keep your furniture away from a fireplace and heating and cooling vents; away from moisture sources, such as humidifiers; and out of direct sunlight. As much as we love the sun, it can be brutal. Just look at what it can do to your skin in a few hours or to a newspaper in a day. Daily exposure to heat or sunlight will fade your wood finishes and dry the wood, which will create cracks over time.
  • Avoid allowing plastic or rubber materials to be in contact with your wood surface. This includes the feet on computers, alarm clocks, and other electronics. These items can cause an adverse reaction with your wood finish over time.
  • Control your climate. Wood can swell or contract, depending on the surrounding atmosphere. If you live in a dry area, you may need to use a humidifier in your home. And if you live in a humid environment, you may need to control the moisture in your home.

How to Take Care of Wood: Minor Touch-Ups

Even when you take the best care of your furniture, accidents can still happen. A spill can go unnoticed, a glass can leave a water mark, and pets and kids can scratch or damage your wood. That’s OK. Thankfully, most damage can be easily repaired. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Minor Scratches and Dents: For a quick touch-up, you can match a marker, shoe polish or a furniture pen color to the finish of your furniture. Simply rub it into the affected area and your blemish will be immediately less noticeable or barely noticeable at all.
  • That Annoying White Ring: Woops! You forgot to use a coaster… or your child put a cold dish right on the table surface. A mild abrasive can easily remove that white ring. Water marks, or white rings, are a result of moisture from a glass or bottle migrating into the outer surface of the furniture’s coating. Custom Dining You can try the following home remedies to remove the moisture from your wood surface.
    • Softly wipe the ring with rubbing alcohol. As the alcohol evaporates, it may draw moisture from the immediate area, reducing the coating on the surface.
    • Apply a blow dryer using less than 160 degrees of heat. Mild, warm heat—not hot—may assist in removing the outer surface moisture
    • Iron the white ring using medium heat over a cotton cloth. The heat may assist in removing the outer surface moisture.
    • Try using Guardsman™ water ring remover, found online. This product has great reviews.
    • For higher wood surface sheens (40+), wipe the surface with a 1:1 combination of vinegar and olive oil. Then clean with a soft, dry cloth.
    • For lower wood surface sheens, you can apply a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda. Apply very lightly to the surface, then wipe away with a soft, dry cloth.

About Bassett’s Guardsman® Protection Plan for Your Wood Furniture

At Bassett, we want to help you take care of your furniture the best way possible. That means, that you don’t have to do any repairs or touch-ups yourself. Yes, we said it! Bassettt recommends Guardsman® for all of your wood furniture repair needs.

Guardsman® will clean stains and repair damage covered by the plan, giving you confidence, peace of mind, and the satisfaction of enjoying your well-cared-for furniture for many years to come. Plus, if you don’t require an in-home service call during the term of your Guardsman® protection plan, Bassettt will apply the full purchase price of your plan toward any new furniture purchase. You can’t beat that!

With your Guardsman® protection plan from Bassettt, a representative will come to your home and take care of any necessary furniture touch-ups or repairs. Under most circumstances, the repair can be made right in your home. So, you won’t have to be without your furniture.

Set up a design appointment today to discover how beautiful, new wood furniture can change the look of your home!

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