Cutting Boards

Bassett cutting boards

Keep BenchMade at Hand

From Treetop to Tabletop

Our handcrafted Bassett cutting boards are a new marriage of fine artisanry and sustainably used resources. We craft BenchMade boards from lumber strips that were created as we construct our furniture, using strips of Appalachian hardwoods that are too small for furniture use. These cutting boards emphasize both the natural beauty and functional merit of these American-grown woods.

Bar Board

Wet Bar Board

The true essential for cutting lemons, limes, and other small fruits and vegetables for garnishes.

Bread and Cheese Board

Bread & Cheese Board

Hardwood to protect your knife’s edge, space for fresh bread and a favorite cheese.

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board

A spacious and artful palette for arranging and serving all manner of tasty temptations.

Carving Board

Large Cutting Board

Both sides as useful as they are beautiful – chop on the flat side, carve meat on the side with the trough.

White oak tree logs

This collection of white oak, cherry, maple, and walnut strips comes from the same carefully selected trees that are kiln-dried, shaped, and sanded at our BenchMade mill in Virginia. Crafting these strips into boards allows us to use as much of each tree as possible.

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Essential Care and Conditioning

Caring for a cutting board will protect its beauty and condition the wood to retain its strength and resiliency.

Handcrafted Cutting Boards - Practical Beauty

As Bassett customers, we know you understand and appreciate the value of fine materials artfully crafted into functional delights. With an artisan's insight for transformation, what could have been loss is now beautifully useful. Bassett's small wood cutting board, bread and cheese board, charcuterie board, and large cutting board are here to spark that extraordinary joy for an ordinary task. The instructions below will help you protect your investment.

How to Prep & Wash Your Fine Cutting Board

Preserve and Protect Your Cutting Board

Sustainably Made, in America

Please do not clean with bleach or harsh chemical cleaners, put in the dishwasher, submerge or let it stand in water.

Do not place or use in conventional or microwave ovens, or air fryers.