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Poufs Make Great Accessories for Your Outdoor Furniture Set

Practical, trendy and multi-functional, poufs are an increasingly popular choice as an accent piece in your outdoor furniture design arsenal. Equally able to serve as a footrest or an extra seat, outdoor pouf ottomans are a great way to pull your patio area together. 

Shop a colorful array of outdoor patio poufs in Bassett Furniture's collection of outdoor furniture accessories. 

What is a Pouf? 

A European adaptation of the traditional Turkish ottoman, a pouf is a cushioned footstool that can also take on additional functions. A patio pouf is not meant to serve as a centerpiece. It is typically deployed as an accessory to other furniture pieces and can often be found in bright, accent colors. A typical patio pouf is relatively small, square or round, and sturdy enough to offer a good bit of support yet soft enough to do so comfortably.  

Poufs vs. Ottomans

While poufs and ottomans serve some of the same purposes, they are different pieces of furniture with distinct appearances. 

An ottoman can have quite a large footprint. In fact, some ottomans are sizable enough to easily be used in lieu of a coffee table. Its generous surface area can be supplemented by a serving tray in order to accommodate drinks, snacks and various knick-knacks. Many ottomans also have a hollow compartment that can be used for storing items like your outdoor accent pillows. 

Outdoor patio poufs, on the other hand, are less table-like and more pillow-like in appearance. They are smaller in size and lighter than an ottoman, and often resemble over-sized cushions. 

While ottomans are perfectly at home acting as a centerpiece of a room, patio poufs are best used as an accent or complementary pieces in an outdoor furniture set.  

Best Jobs for Your Patio Poufs 

So, what functionality could you expect from your poufs as you consider your outdoor furniture setup? As it turns out, there's more than one way to utilize these great accessories.  


First and foremost, patio poufs are the perfect choice for when you want to enjoy your outdoor space with your feet up. In fact, that is the function for which they were originally designed. 

Side table

Poufs are slightly more rigid than a typical couch cushion. As such, you can utilize their surfaces as side tables next to your outdoor sofa or sectional.  

Seating for kids

Kids enjoy seating that is closer to the ground – mostly because getting on a sofa can present a bit of a challenge for the little ones. Pouf heights vary, but most are designed to be lower than the seating height of a sofa. For this reason, poufs are a terrific patio seating option for kids.  

Colorful accessories

Poufs come in many different colors. They can blend in or deliver that bright flash of color. Traditionally, however, poufs were almost always adorned with colorful fabric and eye-catching patterns. Reflective of their original purpose, poufs are a great way to accessorize your patio furniture set. 

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