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Rug Pads

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Rug Pads for Every Size of Rug

Have you ever walked on a rug, only to have it slip slightly underneath your feet, throwing you off-balance or making you completely slip? Do you find yourself having to constantly readjust your outdoor rug whenever it rains or your shag rug in high traffic areas after you have guests over?

While careful consideration may go into choosing the right area rug, rarely do we think as much about the rug pad. Rug pads are an essential partner to a beautiful area rug for several significant reasons.

Firstly, rug pads address safety issues. When placed on a hardwood surface, an area rug can easily shift during use. Additionally, rug pads increase the life of both your rug and flooring. Rug pads absorb shock that might otherwise damage your flooring or prematurely age your rug.

Finally, rug pads add a cushion, thereby making your rug more comfortable to walk on and acting to reduce noise.

Rug Pads Perfect for Your Style

We offer several different styles of rug pads for your home. All of our pads provide the very best in non-slip assistance for all of your area rugs.

First, there's the outdoor rug pad. This is perfect for outdoor patios and decks, suitable for keeping your outdoor rugs in place and ready to survive the elements in any season. If you've ever had a rug outside and are constantly having to readjust it every time it rains, you know how annoying not owning one of these can be.

Then, there's the Millennium rug pad. This adds a special color and style to your padding for a rug without leaving discolorations to your indoor flooring. It comes in gray and can be adjusted in size to fit the size of your rug.

The Ovation rug pad is similar to the Millennium, but with a few extra features. This comes in an extra-thick fiber and can be custom-sized to fit any rug. Like the Millennium, this thick, non-slip rug liner is designed to not discolor the floorboards or carpeting and perfectly keeps your rugs in place.

Lastly, we have the Nouveau rug pad. This non-slip option uses a streamlined approach to an area rug pad. It features a foam bottoming that firmly attaches to just about any surface. With extra webbing and a cushy feel, this pad is designed to maintain the integrity of your rug while keeping it flush with the ground.

Bassett rugs add color, pattern, texture, and style that turn a nice room into a magical place for all your friends and family to enjoy. Let us know which dimensions you want and keep your rugs in place with our slip-resistant rug pads today.

FAQs Regarding Rug Pads

Are Rug Pads Necessary for Every Rug?

While rug pads are not necessary for every area rug in your home, they are highly recommended for any rugs that are placed on a hard surface, easy-slip floorings such as tile or vinyl.

How Do Rug Pads Work?

Rug pads sort of act as an anchor for area rugs in your home. The nonslip rug pad generates a flat surface for your rug to grip onto, and in turn, the rug pad grips the floor, keeping your area rug in place no matter how much traffic comes across it or what type of flooring is underneath.

How Long Do Rug Pads Last?

If taken care of properly, premium rug pads can last for decades. Make sure your rug pads are fitted properly to each area, and you have nothing to worry about for years to come.

How Do You Buy Rug Pads?

How you buy rug pads from Bassett Furniture is solely based on the type of rug pad your area rugs need, and your rug sizes. Above, you can find details concerning all of the different rug pads Bassett Furniture offers so you can decide which rug pad best fits your area rugs.

After deciding on a rug pad design, you should take careful measurements of the rugs you want to be fitted for a rug pad. You want all sides of your rug pad to be a couple of inches shorter than the actual rug itself, in order for the rug pad to be completely hidden under the area rug and to minimize the transition.

Where to Buy Rug Pads From Bassett Furniture?

Consider Bassett Furniture your one-stop-shop for everything you need to furnish your home. Start with area rugs for each of the rooms within your home. We’ve got an incredible assortment of area rugs to choose from. Each holds the key to the color choices for each room. From there, the right furniture color and style will present themselves.

Browse in-store for the perfect rugs for your home, with a variety of rugs and rug pads for you to choose from. Find new inspirations for any space in your home and see just how high-quality the construction of all of our products is in person.

This is because in-store, we believe you get a true feel for all the possibilities you can get for your home. Sit back and take in the comforts of some of the finest furniture and accessories at a Bassett Furniture store near you. Our design consultants offer expert advice regarding rugs, furniture, or wall decor. They are anxious to help and their services are in the house. So stop by a Bassett location near you and learn why we’ve been the premier name in furniture for over 100 years.

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