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How to Choose the Perfect Light Fixtures for Your Home

Updated: 2022-09-19

The right lighting can make or break a room—and it can make your room look and feel more comfortable and appealing. The right lighting can also affect your mood, boost productivity, and draw people together. So, you’ll want to be sure that you choose the right lighting for every room in your house.

The Purpose of Lighting

Did you know that different lighting options serve different purposes in your home?

If you’re not lighting for the proper purposes in each space, you’ll find yourself with some dark and dingy corners… and not enough light to do what you want. You should plan for several lighting options within a space, including ambient, accent, overhead, path, and task/directional lighting. Let’s take a look at these different home lighting techniques and how they work together.

Pendant Lights to Set the Mood

Most rooms should have an overhead light, or pendant light, that serves as the focal point of the room. A chandelier adds a touch of elegance and sets the mood for both small and large spaces. Be sure to choose a chandelier or pendant light that matches your style Bassett Lightingand fills the space appropriately. For example, a crystal chandelier may look out of place in a rustic, lodge-type room. And a large pendant lamp (beautiful as it may be) can overpower a smaller room.

Your overhead lighting should be operable from a conveniently located light switch at the room’s entrance. For larger rooms and entries, you may want to opt for two hanging or pendant lights to fill the space. You can choose lighting with exposed lightbulbs or overhead lights that include glass or fabric shades. Either way, select a light fixture that fits your style and allows you to build the rest of the room’s lighting to complement the focal piece.

Designer Tip: Maximize space on your living room end tables and bedroom nightstands by opting for a pendant light to hang above each table instead of using a table lamp.

Ambient Lighting Where You Need It

Once you decide on your overhead light fixture, it’s time to assess the rest of the space. Lighting can reflect off of the walls and ceilings to produce extra light by day and evening as well as soft shadows at night. So, depending on the natural lighting and existing overhead light in a room, you’ll want to supplement with other lighting sources.

Think about each room as a whole. Consider how you use each space as well as the length of time you typically spend there. Where do shadows fall? Are there any bright spots? Do you need to add warmth to a dark corner?

The best way to cover all of your lighting needs is to provide light at all different levels within each room: chandeliers and pendant light fixtures, floor lamps, task lamps, and table lamps. You may want to purchase lighting enclosed in glass to add brightness or a lamp with a lampshade for softer lighting. You’ll find countless styles, materials, shapes, and colors to choose from.

Task Lighting for All of Your Needs

Do you enjoy reading in bed or on the sofa? Do you play games with your family in the living room? Then you’ll want to include corner lights, tabletop lighting, or floor lamps to accommodate your needs.

A floor lamp will work best beside a chair or sofa where you are reading, knitting, or performing other tasks. A floor lamp can also provide extra mood lighting where you need it most. Some floor lamps are adjustable, so they can be raised or lowered according to your task.

The right table lamps can help you change the mood of a room in seconds. A table lamp or gooseneck lamp typically works best on a desktop or at the bedside to provide perfectly angled lighting every time. A task lamp can also work well on a desk or end table.

Path Lighting for Safety

When considering path lighting, most people think of outdoor needs. However, path lighting is also essential within the home. You’ll want to optimize your lighting in all of the high-traffic areas within your house to help prevent any potential falls or accidents. Consider a few well-placed wall sconces in a hallway, on both sides of a bathroom or hallway mirror, or even to highlight a special piece of art.

Be sure to install extra lighting in all of the following areas to keep your family and your guests safe.

  • Entryways
  • Foyers
  • Stairwells
  • Steps
  • Hallways
  • Room transitions
  • Basements
  • Closets

Lighting can influence your everyday life and change how you feel about a space. Make every space count in your home! Need help selecting the proper lighting for your home? Shop online or book an appointment at your local Basset store for all of your lighting needs!

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