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Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Updated: 2019-10-25

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas to Make Your Room Sparkle

Looking to freshen up your living room? We have the best professional coffee table decor ideas from our stylists. Check out our advice here. Stylist Heather Moore was happy to share with us some of her top coffee table decoration ideas that you can use in your own home.

The Basics: Coffee Table Décor Ideas That Always Work

When you’re looking for coffee table decorating ideas, Heather says by all means “see something you like and replicate it!” Beyond that, she suggests that certain pieces are always a winner:

  • Books. You can find large “cocktail table” books that are attractive and say something about you. If you have a table with a shelf below, like the Bluffton Rectangular Cocktail Table, you can stack some on the lower level as well.Bassett Artisinal
  • Bowls. A larger statement bowl, or smaller bowls to stack on top of books, provide an interesting variation in shape.
  • Trays. Using a tray to corral items “does a little more to elevate the look.” In particular, with round cocktail tables, Heather likes to use rectangular and square trays “so you don’t have a circle on circle.” One of her favorite tables to style was the Artisinal Tray Cocktail Table, which has three trays included.
  • Natural elements. Chunky wood beads bring in a little bit of texture. Books are all slick surfaces, and a tray might be a sleek surface. Natural elements that introduce a variation in texture, like bowls made from a woven material, are a nice way to introduce visual interest.
  • Plants. Always, plant life – either a house plant or a bouquet of flowers – is a good thing.

One thing that’s different in the store than in a real living room is that people have remotes. Heather suggests, “If you can corral them in tray or a bowl that you like, that helps.”

Keep It Interesting: Coffee Table Décor Ideas to Add a Spark

Once you have the basics, there are a number of coffee table decorating ideas to make your table a little more interesting without a lot of effort. Heather suggests using a mix of shapes, materials, and surfaces to keep up that visual interest. (A coffee table like the Bratton Hexagon Bunching Cocktail table may have some of these interesting elements already mixed in!) When decorating the table:

  • Try metallics mixed with textural wood objects.
  • Use a soft, fuzzy throw on the sofa contrasting something sleek on the table.
  • Incorporate plant life to create a softness and a balance to the sleek surface of table.
  • A minimalist approach is never a bad idea. People may put so many things on a surface that your eye jumps around. Look again and take a few off.

Beyond that, she says, the best coffee tables are personal, and tell your personal story. “Objects that have meaning to you will speak to others.”

Bassett Chelsea PierWhat are some other fun items to incorporate on a coffee table?

  • a stack of books
  • woven bowls that are colorful and fun
  • big wooden beads –“I love draping beads over books!”
  • a knickknack or sculptural object (but nothing too breakable!)
  • spiky balls that are made of metal or wood, stacked on top of books, as shown on the MODERN Axel Round Cocktail Table

Keep It True: Coffee Table Decoration Ideas to Call Your Own

Heather has one final tip for styling your table: “Whatever it is you are, be that.” In other words, if you’re a person who collects interesting items, your home won’t ring true if your coffee table holds just a few things selected from a big box store. “Decorate how you are. If you're a person who leads a cluttered life, let your coffee table represent that. Don't follow the rule of removing items. Do whatever makes you happy. A worse offense is doing something that doesn't represent you.”

There you have it. The best coffee table décor ideas start with a great foundation. Visit a Bassett Furniture store today to find a coffee table that suits your room, and let your own coffee table decorating ideas come to life.

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