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Master Bedroom Ideas

They say we spend about a third of our lives in our master bedroom, more than any other room in our home. If that’s true, it’s time to put some designer master bedroom ideas into action. Beginning with some general tips for a good master bedroom design, this bedroom design guide will follow up with some master bedroom ideas for relaxation. Bassett Bella

Designer Master Bedroom Ideas

On average, the master bedroom dimensions can range from 14x15 sq ft to 22x20 sq ft. Your wants and needs will dictate the dimensions of your master bedroom suite, but with the right furniture and design tips, you can make a smaller master bedroom feel more spacious and open:

Maximize your space

When planning out your master room or master suite, there are a few things to take into account. Firstly, can you deviate from a developmental plan? Many fixer-upper and flipper DIY shows highlight the importance of knowing the dimensions of the roof-line and existing layout, which can be a major factor in planning your master bedroom. These measurements can also be the difference between having a balanced space for a walk-in closet, or a spacious bathroom and having enough room in the bedroom itself.

Bassett Furniture Master Bedroom Dimensions

Set goals for your design

When designing your room, planning ahead for the use of whatever space you have is a must. Would you like a sitting area to relax in your personal space? Or would you like a cozy sleeping nook? What about a separate area for a desk and chair? Spend some time considering what would actually fit in the space, but don't feel as though you need to fill every corner. Keep the room as open as possible, and keep your daily habits or routine in mind. 

Master bedroom closets

No matter the size of your master bedroom, you have many design options to incorporate a master suite walk-in closet and/or ensuite. But, something to keep in mind is how many square feet you have to work with between a closet, ensuite, and bedroom. If you're having trouble striking a balance between what you want in all three, ask yourself if you can compromise for quality, not quantity.

Bassett Furniture storage bed

Use dual-purpose furniture

With the right furniture pieces, you may not need a large master closet. Get creative. Consider a storage bed instead of trying to shove sweaters in a small closet. Dual-purpose furnishings are great for smaller spaces, but make sure you check the dimensions of your master bedroom before purchasing furniture. 

Bedroom ideas for relaxation

The best master bedroom design will make the most of those hours, providing you with a tranquil space to relax, unwind and prepare for the next day. These master bedroom ideas and design tips create the perfect space for escaping from the cares of the waking world. Based on the principles from the earlier tips, below are some master bedroom ideas to maximize your R&R:

  1. Hang serene artwork and special photographs on blank walls. 
  2. Choose a soft shade of blue to paint the walls. (Studies show that blue improves your ability to sleep by lowering blood pressure and heart rate.) 
  3. What type of window treatments will give you the light you’d like? Sheer curtains create a bright and airy bedroom during the day but may allow too much light for sleeping. Challenged with window treatment ideas for triple windows? SavoyBassett has stylish solutions for you.
  4. Lighting should promote a soothing, relaxing atmosphere, and this includes your reading lamp. Install dimmers on all of your lamps and overhead lights.
  5. When accessorizing your master bedroom, choose those that bring you joy, but don't overdo it. Too many accessories can be over-stimulating, making it hard to unwind. 
  6. Decorative mirrors (like the one part of our Savoy) keep the room open and light.
  7. Modern accent chairs, nightstands, tables, and more keep the viewer’s eyes focused.

Accenting Your Master Bedroom Design

Can you visualize a totally transformed master bedroom? Let Bassett’s Design Consultants help. Book an appointment today. Shop all the bedroom collections online or in-store. 

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