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Multifunctional Furniture for Small Rooms

Updated: 2019-10-25

Seeing multifunctional furniture pieces drop from the ceiling, stairs that pull out like drawers, cribs that transform into beds, coffee tables that lift to become desks, bi-fold doors disguised as a bookcase … it really is a bit like seeing Alice in her wonderland turned funhouse. Ingenious designs like these are helping crowded city slickers and small family home dwellers max their square footage making almost every space more livable.

Dual-purpose, convertible, and multifunctional furniture for small rooms give new meaning to the term “smart home.” See more of our decorating advice here.

Can I have a double, please?

Space-efficient furniture has to be comfortable and stylish, serve at least two functions, and make use of areas that would be otherwise neglected. If it accomplishes all three goals, the results can be most decidedly beautiful and modern.Bassett SOHO

Here, a few uncompromising ways to take on the challenge:


Foyers form a guest’s first impression. Sure, you could put conventional entryway furniture there to hold your house keys and occasional stamped letter, but if you choose a media console instead, with shelves and doors, you could hide half the things jammed into your coat closet, plus albums, laptops and other media equipment, kids’ toys and much more.

Where’s the TV remote?

Now let’s take a look at the TV. You could put it on a simple TV stand or you could use multifunctional furniture designed for small rooms like an accent chest and have drawers to corral the remote, umpteen pairs of eyeglasses, out of season sweaters, placemats and table linens, blankets and bed linens … get the picture?

Oh, baby.

Changing tables have really changed. You could choose a sturdy and stylish dry sink style table with a removable hutch designed for changing baby. Or choose one of today’s innovative dressers that serve as a changing table but become a big kid dresser simply by removing the galley rails; other dressers offer matching hutch pieces for much-needed shelving – especially in kids’ rooms (think stuffed animals, books, and photos).  

Sleep on it.

Bassett ViennaIn the bedroom, storage options abound. From beds with drawers that slide out from under to a handsome storage ottoman at the foot of the bed. While we’re here, swap space-saving accent tables for bulky nightstands and revel in the airy extra space you’ve gained.

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