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Organizing A Small Closet

Getting the Hang of a Small Bedroom Closet

Private, personal, and filled with things you love, small bedroom closets leave lots of room for celebration. You’ll get the most out of yours (and in it, too) if you treat it like a hidden gem. 

So how to turn a cluttered mess into a secret space? Here are ideas for organizing your closet ... and hiding the stuff that just won’t fit ... in style. 

Organize Your Small Closet

The most overlooked way to add closet storage capacity and panache? Real furniture. 

As closet organizers, furniture delivers extra drawer or shelf space. And you get a long-lasting solution that won’t sag, tip, or break in a year or two. 

Tucked under hanging clothes or popped in place of shelves, pieces like these can be adapted to your needs with storage accessories: 

  • Small dresser
  • Tall chest
  • Lingerie chest
  • Nightstand

A small closet is the perfect place to go for “wow.” From modern like the Bassett Ventura Chest to glam like our Oval Nightstand or rustic like our Bench*Made Maple Chest, choose a style that makes you secretly happy every time you open the door.

Design tip: If you’re a DIYer, repurpose a flea market find or tailor a hand-me-down dresser with baskets instead of drawers and a flat paint finish.  

Bassett Classics

Channel Your Inner Accessorizer

Carry your style story through with quality accessories that last longer and look better than the usual plastic and particle board fare. 

What to look for and how they help: 

  • Canvas sweater and shoe cubbies hang from rods; perfect for sweaters, heels, even linens 
  • Baskets or smooth-finished boxes sit in chests or on shelves; great for socks, hose, undies, scarves, and belts
  • Crates stack up or sit on their sides as extra shelving; for everything from t-shirts to sweatshirts 
  • Large canvas barrels tuck under hanging shirts; a catch-all for workout wear and jammies

You can’t go wrong with the clean, elegant look of canvas, wicker, and wood. But if pieces are a little too plain for your private kingdom, DIY personalized designs with stencils, metallic markers, or appliques. 

Designer tip: Easy access and stability are key. Don’t frustrate yourself by stacking organizers that are sure to tumble or by putting your favorite t-shirt in a bottom crate or at the back of your closet.

Bassett Soho

Think Outside the Box

Got some things that won’t fit into your bedroom closet comfortably? 

There’s no shortage of style-savvy furniture created to hide the overflow. And there are others that can be repurposed while adding great style to pretty much any room. 

Our top recs:

  • Storage bed for bedding, quilts, sweaters, and shoe boxes
  • Armoire for additional hanging and folded clothing space
  • Media chest for random accessories, paperwork, and photo albums 
  • Storage ottoman for anything from bills to sheets; doubles as extra seating (see our example)
  • Dining buffet and credenza for off-season clothes and special-occasion jewelry
  • Antique trunks for quilts, jackets, and sports gear

Designer tip: Keep the season’s go-to clothes and always-on accessories together so you don’t have to hunt around when you’re running late. 

Rediscover Your Hidden Gem

Ready to find just the right pieces to end the chaos? Shop now.

Prefer a Bassett designer’s help getting from cramped to wow? Schedule a complimentary consultation.

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