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How to Design a Room in Your Home

Updated: 2019-10-25

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike before planning a room design – we’ve found that inspiration rarely arrives on time. We can help you plan your room, step by step. You’ll need creativity, organization, and yes, even a bit of math. But by learning the essentials and using our interactive planning tool, you can become the room designer you always wanted to be.

Designing a room, and don't know where to start? Read our guide to get some tips and use our interactive room planner to design the perfect room in your home!

Ready? Let’s begin.

First, List your Room Design Goals

Envision your room a year from now. What’s happening in this space? Are you hosting big get-togethers or intimate conversations? Are you working from home, or inviting the kids’ friends for playdates? How you’ll use the space should dictate your design, and not the other way around.

Then, Start Sketching your Room

You’ve got your big-picture goals. Perfect. Now it’s time to think about the details of designing a room at home. Measure your room and its features—like fireplaces, windows, and built-in shelving—and create a sketch of this space. Ready to begin filling it with new furniture arrangements? Not just yet! Before you begin placing furniture, consider a few space considerations:

Bassett Makeover

Living Room

  • Walkways: Allow at least three feet for walkways through the room, allowing people to walk through the space without feeling cramped. For minor avenues, allow at least 18 inches. You’ll want to create buffers of at least three feet around doorways to other rooms, and four feet around your main entrance and exit. 
  • Furniture: If you have reclining furniture, remember to allow need extra space in front of and behind those pieces. For armchairs, add another two inches to the clearance on either side.

Dining and Kitchen

  • On the table: Each person sitting at your table should have about 24 inches of space. 
  • Around the table: Leave 30 to 36 inches behind each chair to allow room for guests to get into and out of chairs easily, and for other guests to walk behind an occupied chair.


  • Your bed: Save some space around your bed: You’ll need about 18 to 24 inches on each side to allow for making the bed, and 30 inches on the side you’ll use to get into it. If you have two twin beds, put them at least 18 to 24 inches apart. 
  • Your closet: Leave about 36 inches of space open in front of your closet – you’ll need that room to get items in and out of it without banging your elbows or bumping into furniture.

Now, Fill Plan your Room

Here’s the fun part. Look back at your goals for the room , look at your available space, and brainstorm room designs that bridge the two. Can you create a conversation nook? A play area? Is there a spot for your desk? Remember storage as you plan: you’ll want easy access to drawers and tables. Maximize the space you have to create the beautiful—and practical—room you need.

Play with our Interactive Room Planner

If designing a room in your home with a pen and paper isn’t your idea of fun, we’ve got the tool for you. We offer an interactive room planner that makes room design easy. Using your room specifications, you can create a room in the correct shape. Then you can easily drag and drop elements into space—from chandeliers to plants to sofas—to preview how it’ll work within the space before you even buy a thing. Design with the Room Planner

Bassett Maekover Finished

Need Room Help? Let's Chat

Does designing a room in your home still feel daunting? Let us help. Find a store near you and a Bassett designer who can help make your dreams become a reality. 

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