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Standard Table Sizes

Standard Table Sizes – and How to Choose One That Fits!

A dining table plays host to all kinds of gatherings and day-to-day living. If they could talk, each one would have its own unique story to tell! But one thing most tables have in common is that they come in standard table sizes – and for good reason. Floor plans and dinnerware and tablecloths are all designed with these standard table sizes in mind. With the right size table, everyone has enough space to butter their dinner roll comfortably, and not so much that they need to shout to the person across the table.

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Standard Dining Table Height

Most dining tables share the same standard height: between 28" and 30" high. At this height, most people can rest their feet comfortably on the floor, so it works well for formal dining or daily meals.

Tables do come in other heights. A counter height table, at 36” high, is the same height as a kitchen bar or island countertop. These tables are a great option for informal spaces, and can go from homework central to a family dinner and back. Another relaxed option, a 42” bar height table, makes for a quick transition from standing to sitting. Also called a pub table or a gathering table, bar height tables are perfect for entertaining.

Dimensions of Standard Dining Table Shapes

Most dining tables come in one of the basic shapes: rectangular, square, and round. The width and depth of the table vary based on the shape. Here are the standard table sizes for each shape.

  • Square table sizes. Square tables are best for seating four people, and usually range between 36" and 44" wide. Occasionally, square tables are actually counter height rather than standard table height, meaning they measure between 34" and 36" tall.

  • Rectangular table sizes. Rectangular is the most common table shape, and the dimensions vary depending on how many people you'd like to seat. Most rectangular tables are between 36" and 40" wide. A table that seats four should be about 48" long. To seat four to six people, look for a table that is at least 60" long. For six to eight guests, your table should be at least 78" long. The rule of thumb is allow 24" of space per seat at your dining table. 

  • Round table sizes. Diameter is the key measurement for a round table. Like square tables, this shape is better suited for smaller groups, and they can fit perfectly in smaller spaces. The cozy intimacy of a round table like our Bella table makes it the as the center of life in a busy family – homework and bill paying one minute, a relaxed family dinner the next. You can seat four people at a table that is between 36" and 44" in diameter; four to six people will fit at a table that's 44" to 54" in diameter, and your table should be 54" in diameter or larger to fit six to eight diners. 

When choosing a table, it helps to account for standard table sizes, and then to look at a variety of options. These factors can help you choose between standard table sizes:

  • Dimensions of the room. Bassett Furniture designer John DeLong often develops floor plans along with clients. His advice for dining table sizes? “Generally you want 2 ½ to 3 feet of walking space around the table with the chairs slid under, when it’s not in use.

  • Number of people. How many people will normally gather around your table? Do you need the flexibility to pull up a few extra chairs on occasion? Keep in mind you can choose extendable tables for more flexible seating options. Round table sizes change to oval once you add leaves. If you add one 18” leaf to a 48" round pedestal table, it extends to 66”, which means it can seat 6 people. Or a larger 54” round pedestal table with 1 leaf can extend to 72”, seating 8 people. Will you be hosting even more people on occasion, maybe once or twice a year? Then consider adding a second leaf. Just be sure to measure your room to make sure you have space for the full extension of the table. 

Dining table sizes and styles define a cozy eat-in kitchen or a friendly dining room. Just add flowers and food, family and friends. 

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Coffee Table Dimensions

Coffee tables come in even more shapes and sizes than dining room tables: you can find hexagonal, rectangular, oval, circular, and square coffee tables at Bassett Furniture. When it comes to height, your coffee table should be one or two inches shorter than the seat cushions on your sofa. This typically ranges from 15" to 20" high. The depth and width of your coffee table depend on several factors, including the shape of the table and the available space.

In general, the width of your coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of your sofa. The depth of your coffee table will depend on the size of your room. As these coffee table pictures illustrate, if it looks and feels right, it probably is.

Whether it’s a dining room or a living room, if you want a table to transform your room into an oasis, contact the design consultants at Bassett Furniture. Stop in to a Bassett Furniture store today, or make an appointment to find the right table for you.

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