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Best Home Interior Design Ideas

Updated: 2019-10-25

When designing a room, do you dream of having access to your own stylist for the best home interior design ideas? At Bassett Furniture, our design consultants are eager to share their expertise to help customers add style to their homes – every day! Here design consultants Aleena Khan (Frisco, Texas) and Luci Most (Garden City, New York) share some of their favorite interior designer insider tips that you can use in your own home.

Bassett Designers

Favorite Design Tips

Q: Do you have a favorite design tip?

Luci: For furniture, I prefer a neutral palette. It's timeless and versatile. Use it as a springboard from which you can layer on elements and even change out accessories as times change. Today's “fast fashion” environment requires it. 

Aleena: Always try to have a bold accent piece in the room to make the room have character. 

Design Rules

Q: Do you have any favorite design rules that people should know?

Luci: As a designer, I don't like to put myself in a box. Rules are made to be broken. Basically, anything goes if it works. My motto is there is no right or wrong. Be open and learn from your clients, colleagues, and competitors. 

Aleena: Stop playing it safe and looking at trends. 

What More People Should Do

Q: What do you think more people should do when designing a room?

Luci: Consider new things. Never limit yourself.

Aleena: Homes are a personal reflection of our lives and how they change with our experiences and growth. Your home will too. Don’t discard a favorite piece of furniture or décor, just because it doesn’t match what you love today. 

Style Longevity

Q: How do you make sure your furniture has style longevity?

Luci: Use neutral colors with classic design features, which can be tweaked into trending looks.

Aleena: Use neutral colors.

What to Do with a Room That Feels Blah

Q: What do you do if a room feels “blah?”

Aleena: Add a bold color – a little color can change the look of the room completely.

Luci: Backgrounds make a difference and energize a blah room.  Choosing paint colors for wall and ceiling set the tone. Paint walls light colors to make a small room feel bigger. Dark colors to make a large room feel more intimate and warm. Mirrors make a room look bigger and add light. Lighting is also a big factor when creating a space.

Always and Never

Q: What's something you should always do when designing a room? Should you never do?

Luci: Always make sure that space flows and there is enough room to move around. Never clutter a room with too much furniture.

Aleena: Scale is the number one mistake that almost everyone makes when it comes to interior design. This is probably the case because it takes a talented eye to decorate a room with an impeccable scale. Some people put too many small things in a room, thereby cluttering the room and not giving the eye a place to land.

Living Room Fixes

Q: What do you always want to fix in a living room?

Luci: I always reconsider the existing floor plan.  I like to see if I can rearrange the space for the better but also to make it feel new and exciting.

Aleena: Their living room layout. Most homes that I walk into, the layout is not properly configured to the room. 

Are you inspired? Our home interior design ideas are intended to make every room in your home reflect your unique style. Find a Bassett Furniture store near you today and learn how to amplify your style.

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