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What is Contemporary Furniture?

Let’s begin here, with a much-needed clarification: Modern furniture and contemporary furniture aren’t the same thing. It’s a common mistake, and an understandable one. The two designs have aspects in common, but they’re actually the results of two distinct eras. Knowing the differences can help you define your preferred look and help guide your shopping.Knox Sectional

Modern furniture harkens to a particular design movement, the Modernist movement that began in the early 1900s. This movement was a reaction against earlier, more ornamental designs; it favored simplicity and minimalism. It’s sleek, clean.

Contemporary furniture, meanwhile, has a more fluid definition. It is the furniture of our day, so it changes with time. Current contemporary furniture incorporates aspects of modern furniture—such as its clean lines and simplicity—but it also includes aspects of art deco and post-modernism, adding flair and boldness to minimalist designs.

Savoy Bedroom

What Defines Contemporary Furniture?

To identify contemporary furniture, look for the following characteristics:

  • Splashes of vivid accent color, perhaps in throw pillows or wall art
  • Hard edges and gentle curves, such as in our Fleming Accent Chair
  • Natural materials, including wood, glass, and stainless steel. For example, look the combination of wood grains and metal accents in the Savoy Bachelor’s Chest and the Palisades Etagere.
  • Minimal ornamentation, such as the Duvel Leaner Mirror, which offers a minimalist design with subtle, floral accents within the distressed cross bars.
  • Solid fabrics, or very modest geometric patterns

Palisades Dining

Contemporary Pieces at Bassett Furniture

To see how contemporary pieces can work within your home, schedule an appointment or a call with a design consultant. Our designers can assist with inspiration and practical tips, whether you’re filling a new home or adding new touches to a room.

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