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What to Keep Vs What to Toss

In the words of Sheryl Crow, “…it’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.” Deciding what to keep or toss, or even what to call it -- decluttering, downsizing, rightsizing – is always a step toward feeling better about yourself, your home, and your life. So, don’t procrastinate. It doesn’t have to be that hard. (Honestly!) Start with a plan. Use a system. And go for it. Put some enthusiasm into this project planning. And definitely turn up your favorite music while you’re doing it.

Develop a plan.

There are lots of theories about how to plan your project, it may be best to simply start with the easiest room (employ the low hanging fruit philosophy here). Bite only what you can chew because nothing is more demotivating than becoming overwhelmed with a grandiose, unachievable project.

Make a list of each room in your home and list each one in the order you want to work on it. (If it’s holiday time, you may want to do the guest room first, or the living room and powder room if there’s a party in your future.) Pick a start date. Unless an emergency comes up, do not move the date. Do not procrastinate. Think back to a time you had control of your home (it was when you first moved in, before stuff started to pile up). Didn’t you feel peace of mind?

Stick to a system.

Collect four large boxes and four different colors of sticky pads, putting one sticky note on each box. On Box 1, write “Keep”; on Box 2, write “Toss”; on Box 3, write “Store”; and on Box 4, write “Rethink”.Bassett Liam

Arm yourself with a pad of sticky notes in each of the four corresponding colors. As you move about each room, look at each item and decide which box it should go into, if it’s large, like a piece of furniture, simply place a sticky note on it in the color that corresponds to the system. (For example, if you used a yellow sticky note on Box 1 “Keep”, use a yellow sticky note on furniture you intend to keep.)

“Keep” items should be placed immediately in their new or assigned place.

“Toss” items go right into trash, or into the car bound for a local donation site.

“Store” is used for items you aren’t quite sure about. If it’s an item you use but have multiples, choose your favorite and let go of the others; if the item has sentimental value, by all means store it. We all have a heart for certain ephemera that’s just too dear to toss.

“Rethink” (or “Repair”) is usually reserved for family heirloom furniture that with a deft hand can be reworked with new upholstery or refinished into something you love, and something that works in your home.

On the subject of family heirlooms, don’t feel saddled with being the family museum. If you don’t love Grammie’s dining table, send a photo to your family members and tell them it’s up for adoption. Chances are one of them is going to adore it.

Book an appointment with a Bassett Design Consultant and see how their expertise can help you mix in old favorites with new favorite Bassett pieces while creating a space you love. The important thing is to be ok with letting go of things that have outlived their purpose to free up space. What you do with that all that space can be rejuvenating. Create a Wishlist or Order a Catalog to start dreaming today.

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