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Experience luxurious comfort and signature style with Bassett Furniture’s elegant and comfy chaise lounge chairs, ottomans, sectionals, and sofas. Discover the perfect lounge chair for any home at Bassett Furniture, whether with a sit-alone chaise or with a chaise lounge handsomely built into a sectional or sofa.

French for long chair, a chaise is typically designed for maximum comfort with a low back and an elongated, outstretched surface area for one’s feet to rest. It’s not unlike a chair and ottoman in one. A chaise can act as a daybed or simply a place to sit down and rest while waiting for someone or something. Both functional and elegant, a chaise is an ideal addition to a bedroom or living room.

Similar to the poster canopy bed, the concept of the chaise lounge was born hundreds - make that many hundreds of years ago. While the chaise could often be found in the home of French aristocrats of the 16th century, its origins can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt and early Rome. Often found in dining rooms, bedrooms and even home libraries, Romans likely considered the chaise to be the most important piece of furniture in their homes.

Today, Bassett Furniture offers chaise lounges in modern or traditional styles for those who wish to have a comfortable place to put their feet up after a long day. Available in a wide variety of styles, designs and upholstery options, you’ll find am incredibly comfortable chaise that matches your decor and fits comfortably within you budget.

If you are more interested in chairs with ottomans, take a look at our
sectional sofa collection in warm fabric or stylish leather.  Bassett Furniture’s sectionals may be configured into a variety of shapes, including the standard “L” or a horseshoe grouping, which contains a comfortable chaise for extra room to stretch out on.  Additionally, replacing the chaise lounge with another sofa presents more room for family and guests to watch the big game or to spread out during movie night. The addition of a queen sleeper creates a truly multi-functional and impressive arrangement when out-of-town guests arrive.  When it comes down to it, you have the ability to design the grouping that fits your unique space and needs.

Coordinating pieces and accessories truly highlight chaise sofas. No matter which chaise or sofa accessories you purchase, you will guarantee a warm, comfortable, and inviting home for guests, friends and family.

Shop Bassett's chaises today to find the perfect seating arrangement for your home!

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