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We are a proud partner with The Stephen Siller Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation. This Foundation builds smart homes for wounded vets and first responders. Bassett provides furniture to give these heroes the home they deserve. We encourage you to be inspired by their stories and donate to this worthy organization.

Israel del Toro

Through many hardships and tribulations, Senior Master Sergeant Israel “DT” Del Toro’s life has been defined by absolute devotion to family. At an early age, he became the sole provider for his four siblings after losing both parents.
On December 4, 2005, United States Air Force SMSgt Israel Del Toro Jr.‘s Humvee hit an IED. The blast left him with severe burns on more than 80% of his body. He lost all his fingers on his left hand and had the fingers on his right hand amputated at his knuckles.
After being given a 15 percent chance of survival, he not only re-enlisted in the Air Force but also set records and won a gold medal at the 2016 Invictus Games.

Aaron Alonso

USMC Sgt. Aaron Alonso grew up in Jefferson Township, New Jersey, and joined the Marines in large part because of the 9/11 attacks.  Alonso was critically injured after stepping on an improvised explosive device while on patrol in Afghanistan February 8, 2014. Due to injuries sustained in the blast – he lost both legs. He loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing and riding his ATV.
He is looking forward to receiving his smart home and spending more time with his daughter. 

See more about Aaron Alonso
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Travis Vendela

Army SFC Travis Vendela deployed in combat operations in 2004 and 2006. In 2007, SFC Vendela was traveling by HMMWV when he was hit by an explosively formed penetrator (EFP). Today Vendela serves as a volunteer coach for a local high school football team. He, his wife and three children recently moved into their smart-home in Utah.

See more about Travis Vendela
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Melroy Cort

Inspired to serve his country after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, CPL Melroy Cort enlisted in the USMC in 2004 at age 19. Just before he deployed, he married his high school sweetheart, Samantha. Just four months after his deployment to Iraq, CPL Cort’s life would change forever when he lost both his legs in an IED blast. 
T2T partnered with A Soldier’s Journey Home to build Melory, his wife and their 10 children a mortgage-free smart home in just 12 days.

See more about Melroy Cort
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Brandon Adam

In 2007, Army SGT Brandon Adam was serving as a combat engineer in the second infantry division in Iraq.  He was a gunner on a route clearance vehicle when he was struck by a roadside explosive. 
SGT Adam hasn’t let his injuries hold him back.  He’s a two-time silver medalist in Mono Skier X at the X Games (2001 & 2015), a national champion in sled hockey with the Colorado Avalanche.  He’s actively pursuing a position in sled hockey with the US National Team. 
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Rob Jones

United States Marine Corp Reserve Sgt Robert Jones of Bravo Company, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, was deployed in Iraq in 2008 and then to the Sangin and Delaram in Afghanistan in 2010.

During his deployment to Afghanistan, while operating as a part of a push into Taliban territory, he was tasked with clearing an area with a high likelihood of containing an IED. On July 22, 2010, Sgt Jones was severely wounded when a landmine detonated. He lost both legs above the knee.

See more about Rob Jones
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Jonathan Harmon

Army SGT Jonathan Harmon, infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division, was on foot patrol in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province when he stepped on a pressure plate IED and was catastrophically wounded on June 7, 2012.

Despite his injuries, SGT Harmon continued to serve his country through the Continuation of Active Duty Program, mentoring and providing inspiration to his fellow paratroopers as the Division’s liaison at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, until he retired in March 2019.

See more about Jonathan Harmon
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Adam Hartswick

Army Sergeant Adam Hartswick, a senior combat medic from Pine Grove Mills, Pennsylvania, was severely injured on May 14, 2013 when he stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province.

Since retiring from the Army, SGT Hartswick has found a new calling – as an instructor, teaching a tactical combat casualty care course for first responders.

See more about Adam Hartswick
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Read their stories and learn more about the Stephen Siller Tunnel2Towers foundation.

We are investing our time, talent and resources into creating fresh living spaces for organizations that serve the communities where Bassett lives. We believe that a great makeover can bring smiles, comfort, and encouragement for those who most need it.

Ronald McDonald House

Bassett Furniture donates to Ronald McDonald House in Wichita, KS

Wichita, KS - 2/23/2018

On Friday, Feb. 23, Bassett Furniture donated approximately $10,000 worth of furniture to the common area of the Ronald McDonald House in Wichita, Kansas.


Bassett Furniture donates to ICAN in Chandler, AZ

Chandler, AZ - 2/22/2018

On Thursday, Feb. 22, Bassett Furniture donated approximately $10,000 worth of furniture to ICAN, a Chandler, Ariz., based non-profit organization dedicated to equipping youth to achieve personal and academic success by tackling substance abuse, gang involvement and juvenile delinquency.

The Heyward House

Bassett Furniture donates to The Heyward House in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh, PA - 10/7/2017

The Cameron Heyward Foundation, also known as The Heyward House, was established by Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive end Cameron Heyward to leave a lasting and positive imprint upon the lives of youth. The foundation supports outreach programs for kids especially those from disadvantaged circumstances. Organizations such as the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Western PA, DKMS, KidsVoice, Smyrna Stars Basketball Club and the Iron Indians 7 on 7 Football Team receive support from the Heyward House.

The Good Samaritan Shelter

Bassett Furniture donates to The Good Samaritan Shelter of Phoenixville, PA.

Phoenixville, PA - 5/11/2017

Founded in 1999, the Good Samaritan Shelter was created to provide a compassionate response to the needs of people experiencing homelessness. Its purpose has since grown beyond providing emergency shelter alone, and it now offers innovative programs to help clients get back on their own two feet. In all, the Good Samaritan Shelter operates eight properties in Phoenixville and Ephrata, PA, allowing the organization to provide a pathway out of poverty for hundreds of clients each year. This is Bassett’s twenty-first such donation and delivery since October 2013 and is part of the company’s Make(over) a Difference initiative that creates fresh living spaces for organizations that serve the communities in which Bassett operates.

Homeward Bound

Bassett Furniture Donates to Homeward Bound of Scottsdale, AZ.

Scottsdale, AZ - 3/16/2017

Homeward Bound is a nonprofit based in Arizona that serves the needs of families going through homelessness. The organization serves over 130 homeless families every year, providing them with not just housing, but also an in-depth program that helps them get back their own two feet. Its mission is to create pathways out of poverty for homeless families ready to make a change. Homeward Bound's housing program encompasses 80 apartments and 52 single-family homes in the Phoenix area. In addition to affordable housing, the organization provides each family it serves with a specialized case manager to assist with budgeting, repairing credit, building life skills and more.

North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center

Bassett Furniture Donates to North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center

Westbury, NY - 3/9/2017

As the pre-eminent not-for-profit children’s mental health agency on Long Island, the North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center is dedicated to restoring and strengthening the emotional well-being of children and their families. For more than 60 years, the Guidance Center has been a place of hope and healing, providing innovative and compassionate treatment to all who enter its doors, regardless of their ability to pay. The Guidance Center helps children and families address issues such as depression and anxiety; developmental delays; bullying; teen pregnancy; sexual abuse; teen drug and alcohol abuse; and family crises stemming from illness, death, trauma and divorce.

Children’s House at Johns Hopkins Hospital Gifted Furnishings

Bassett Furniture Donates to Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation at Johns Hopkins

Hunt Valley, MD - 10/13/2016

As part of the grand opening of its Hunt Valley, Md. store, Bassett Furniture had the privilege of unloading a delivery truck filled with nearly $10,000 worth of donated furniture, in partnership with Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation at Johns Hopkins, a foundation that provides hospital and housing services to critically ill children and their families. With the help of Believe in Tomorrow, Bassett Furniture spruced up multiple rooms in their flagship hospital housing facility. Believe in Tomorrow’s unique programs bring comfort, hope, and joy to children and their families, enabling them to renew their spirits mentally and physically. By updating multiple rooms in the hospital, Bassett is instrumental in creating spaces for children and their families to relax and spend time together. The donation kicked off the grand opening for Bassett’s nearby location in Hunt Valley, Md.

Military Vet and Family Gifted Furnishings

Bassett Furniture Donates to Goodrich Family of Dumfries, Va.

Sterling/Dulles, VA - 7/14/2016

As part of the grand opening of its Sterling, Va. store, Bassett Furniture had the privilege of unloading a delivery truck filled with nearly $10,000 worth of donated furniture, in partnership with the Freedom Alliance, an educational and charitable organization which sponsors numerous program activities aimed at supporting and honoring military service members and their families. With the help of the organization, Bassett Furniture selected Special Operations Team Sgt. Timothy Goodrich and his family of Dumfries, Va. as the perfect recipient for the upcoming donation. Goodrich was wounded in combat in Afghanistan in 2012 and was medically evacuated out of the country as he suffered a brain injury and other major shrapnel wounds that required numerous surgeries. Because of his injuries and extensive medical care, Goodrich and his wife have never owned bedroom furniture which is where Bassett Furniture stepped in to help redesign and furnish the space. The donation kicked off the grand opening for Bassett's nearby location in Sterling, VA.

Bassett Furniture Donates to NATASHA House

Bedroom Furnishings for Homeless Women and Children

Newport News, VA - 1/14/2016

As part of the grand opening of its Newport News store, Bassett Furniture donated $10,000 worth of furniture to NATASHA House. The nonprofit organization is the only transitional home on the Hampton Roads Peninsula that houses women with children whose only presenting problem is homelessness. Volunteers and employees of Bassett teamed up with NATASHA House staff members for the special delivery that transformed four bedrooms in the home. The units furnished by Bassett will provide a comfortable living space for the women and their children while they rebuild productive, thriving lives and transition to self-sufficiency and permanent housing. The donation kicked off the grand opening for Bassett’s nearby location in Newport News, VA.

Furnishings for Foster Kids Who “Age Out”

Bassett Furniture Donates to Place of Hope

Palm Beach Gardens, FL - 10/15/2015

As part of the grand re-opening of its Palm Beach Gardens store, Bassett Furniture donated $12,000 worth of furniture and accessories to Place of Hope. The unique faith-based, state-licensed children’s organization provides family-style foster care in a stable and loving environment for hurting children and their families. Volunteers and employees of Bassett teamed up with Place of Hope staff members for the special delivery that transformed a living room, kitchen and two bedrooms in one of the six cottage-style family residential units at the Place of Hope’s Villages of Hope campus. The unit furnished by Bassett will provide a comfortable living space to young adults who have “aged out” of foster care, but are still unable to live on their own. One of the residents, Blanca Twohill, was onsite for the delivery and was able to see her new living space come to life. The donation kicked off the grand re-opening festivities for Bassett’s nearby location in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

War Veteran Receives New Smart Home

Wounded Iraq War veteran Ronny Porta receives a new smart home.

Lovettsville, VA - 7/3/2015

Themes of community love, patriotism, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to help veterans who have sacrificed for their country were on full display as hundreds gathered to witness the presentation of a new home to Ronny “Tony” Porta. The former U.S. Marine was badly injured by an improvised explosive device while serving in Iraq in 2007. During the ceremony, Mr. Porta and his family were handed the keys to their new high-tech smart home, filled with Bassett furniture. It was made possible by the New York-based Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, in cooperation with the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Wounded vet presented with smart home near Annapolis

Wounded Iraq War veteran Ronny Porta receives a new smart home.

Crownsville, MD - 7/1/2015

Army Sgt. Adam Keys' life was changed in an instant in Kandahar, Afghanistan. An IED, like the one he and his crew specialized in hunting and disarming, was detonated remotely. He was the only one to survive the 2010 incident, but lost both legs above the knee and his left arm due to infections. His life changed again in July when he used his phone to open the front door of his new home outside Annapolis, donated via organizations, like Bassett Furniture, dedicated to providing smart homes for seriously wounded vets.

A Special Delivery for Children in Need

Bassett Furniture Donates to Gwinnett Children’s Shelter.

Buford, GA - 6/10/2015

As part of the grand re-opening of its Buford store, Bassett Furniture decided to donate $10,000 worth of furniture and accessories to the Gwinnett Children’s Shelter (GCS). The private, non-profit, faith-based agency serves children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and violence across the North Metro Atlanta area. Volunteers and employees of Bassett teamed up with GCS staff members for the special delivery that transformed two rooms in the residential care facility for reading and therapy sessions for families. The delivery will provide comfort to children in need and kicked off the grand re-opening festivities for Bassett’s location in The Mall of Georgia in Buford, Ga.

Charity Receives a Much Needed Makeover

SAMMinistries makes home more comfortable for residents

San Antonio, TX - 1/23/2015

The lobby of SAMMinistries' Transitional Living and Learning Center (TLLC) was in need of some TLC. TLLC is a residential facility that provides housing for up to 40 homeless families in San Antonio who show a commitment to gaining self-sufficiency. When Bassett Furniture heard of the need, they sprang into action, donating $10,000 in furniture and accessories to transform the space from drab to fab for residents. SAMMinistries' mission is to help the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless attain self-sufficiency. Over the past year alone, more than half of the parents living at the TLLC increased their education, and 48 percent either increased their income or reduced their debt.

Surprise Delivery Makes a House Feel like a Home

Families receive a New Year’s surprise

Southlake, TX - 1/22/2015

Six lucky families in Southlake got a huge surprise when a delivery truck carrying new furniture pulled up to their front doors. The families were all part of the Transitional Housing Program of GRACE (Grapevine Relief And Community Exchange), a non-profit relief agency that provides food, clothing, financial assistance, and other vital necessities to people who are struggling with a limited income or recent emergency. The donations provided each recipient family with furniture items to help make their home more stable and comfortable. One lucky mother received a complete bedroom set at the request of her children, who wanted to surprise her with a special room all to herself.

Local Families Get Back on Their Feet

Bassett Furniture surprises local families in need

Tyler, TX - 1/21/2015

As part of the grand re-opening of their Tyler store, Bassett Furniture decided they wanted to help make a difference in the lives of several local families. They partnered with the Transitional Housing Program of PATH (People Attempting to Help), a non-profit serving economically disadvantaged people in Smith County for 30 years. Bassett and its team of designers surprised four Tyler families with a furniture makeover, donating thousands of dollars in new furniture. PATH owns and operates 52 rental homes in Tyler. The homes are utilized as a tool to help families who are ready to tackle the barriers that are holding them back from self-sufficiency.

Surprise Delivery for Deserving Family

Bassett Furniture helps welcome home domestic violence victim

Irvine, CA - 10/23/2014

Orange County non-profit Human Options delivers safe haven and life changing programs to more than 200 abused women and their families each year. When Bassett Furniture heard one of these families was getting ready to move into their new residence, they decided to help officially welcome them to the neighborhood. Bassett and its local team of design consultants got to work on the space, hand-picking more than $10,000 of furniture and home accents, including sofas, tables, artwork and mattresses, to transform the home. They even completed the makeover with a new coat of paint! For Bassett employees that were fortunate enough to be a part of it, all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into the project were worth it when the surprised family saw their new home.

A New Vision for ReVision Family Home

Sprucing Up Spaces Shared by Homeless Families Living in Boston’s Largest Neighborhood

Boston, Mass. - 7/17/2014

Less than six months after surprising a Boston-area charity with a makeover, Bassett Furniture was back in town to do it again. This time, the Bassett team showed up at ReVision Family Home, a transitional shelter that houses 22 homeless women and their families in Boston’s diverse Dorchester neighborhood. The goal was to freshen up the common living areas and create comfortable spaces for the women who participate in programs that help them establish self-sufficiency. Since many of the residents have experienced severe trauma, it was important to Bassett’s design consultants to incorporate warm colors and inviting fabrics. In addition to donating new furniture and decor, Bassett also helped with the disposal of the shelter’s existing furniture which was in very poor condition. Many ReVision Family Home employees, volunteers and residents were also present to take part in the transformation that was designed with their needs in mind. Appreciation could be seen on their faces as they gathered for a group photo to mark the end of a productive day and another Bassett Furniture makeover.

A Home While Loved Ones Heal

Bassett Furniture Brings Comfort to Military Families During Treatment

Silver Spring, Md. - 7/14/2014

For military families whose loved ones are being treated for major injuries or illnesses, nearby comfort at no cost can go a long way. Thanks to Fisher House Foundation, families of wounded warriors and veterans receive free housing at major military and VA medical centers during treatment. Each Fisher House residence makes it easier for hospital visits and eliminates lodging expenses. However, at the Walter Reed - Forest Glen Fisher House, the wear and tear of housing seven military families at the same time was taking a toll on the property. So, despite overseeing the opening of a new store, the Bassett Furniture team in Rockville, Md. simultaneously took on the challenge of making over several rooms in the house. Along with Bassett Furniture executives, they visited the home where they met with the residents and presented them with redesigned rooms - complete with new furniture, artwork and accessories. The end result was a more comfortable and inviting space specifically designed for service members and their families.

Center for Youth and Family

A New “Chill” Room for Little Rock’s Children

Little Rock, AR - 5/1/2014

As home to 18 children, Little Rock’s only emergency youth shelter is constantly filled with an abundance of energy. That same energy can take a toll on a residence—especially the furniture—so Bassett decided to help the hardworking team who are responsible for running the facility. The shelter, which is operated by Centers for Youth & Families, has many needs, but Bassett chose to do what they do best which is create a comfortable and stylish space that meets the needs of the family that uses it. In this case, the family was large, so Bassett designers opted to go with a large sectional and other functional pieces that could be utilized in the shelter’s community room where the kids spend much of their time. While the kids were in school, Bassett designers and executives dove in and tackled the transformation of the room. When the kids arrived home, they were met with a makeover complete with custom an artwork made by a Bassett employee. The kids immediately begin to stake their claims on the sofa cushions and investigate the storage features of their new furniture. Bassett was so inspired by their visit to Centers for Youth & Families—which, like Bassett, has been around for more than 100 years—that they’ve decided to return and makeover another room.

Bassett Furniture for Veterans

Bassett Furniture Helps Veterans during Westchester’s 100 Day Challenge

Westchester County, NY - 3/27/2014

Two veterans in Westchester County are sleeping much better at night knowing that they’re waking up in a nice warm bed with a roof over their head. After struggling with homelessness, Doug, a U.S. Air Force veteran, and Dennis, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, were thrilled to receive housing as part of a countywide 100 Day Challenge to house and employ veterans. But both men could do very little “living” in their unfurnished and empty apartments. That’s when Bassett Furniture stepped in and donated everything from dressers to bedding, dishes, mattresses and more. Bassett executives and employees visited both men and did back-to-back makeovers in their apartments. Bassett was honored to serve Doug and Dennis, who have both sacrificed a great deal to serve their country, and was delighted to hear that their donation had inspired others in the community—both businesses and individuals—to help veterans in need.

A Fresh Start

Transforming spaces for Boston teen moms.

Boston, MA - 01/30/14

With cameras and a crowd looking on, a group of young girls relaxed on new red sofas. All of the girls were teenage mothers, and they were testing out the new furniture that had just been donated by Bassett Furniture. When Bassett learned of Just-A-Start House and its independent living program in Boston for pregnant and parenting young girls, they knew the house-which is home to 12 young mothers and 13 children-probably needed new furniture. Just-A-Start house graciously accepted Bassett's gift to makeover its community living area and counseling room which had an institutional look until Bassett's designers got their hands on it. The finishing touches were just as meaningful as the bigger pieces of furniture that Bassett's design team picked out: thoughtful Bassett designers left plenty of books, DVDs, games and toys to be enjoyed by the children under the watchful eye of their young mothers.

Farmhouse Makeover

Returning some charm to a girls group home.

Westport, CT - 01/17/14

A 100-year-old farmhouse that has been around almost as long as Bassett Furniture looks more than a little different after a surprise visit from Bassett employees and executives. The house is home to young women in crisis who are cared for by Project Return-a well-known Connecticut non-profit that provides a safe, structured and nurturing environment for girls who are unable to live with their families. Bassett designers focused on creating an inviting and comforting living room where the girls could have their weekly therapy meetings and hang out after school. They also revamped a rundown room that serves as the bedroom for house parents who take turns working the night shift. Project Return was incredibly grateful and showed up to support Bassett later that night at the grand opening of their nearby store in Westport.

A Beacon of Hope

Furnishing a comfortable place for the homeless.

Annapolis, MD - 01/16/14

For 25 years, Light House has been serving the homeless community in Annapolis. Less than 24 hours before opening their first store in Annapolis, Bassett Furniture executives and employees were at Light House swapping sofas and other new furniture for smiles and homemade brownies. After taking a tour of the 24,000 square foot facility that provides emergency shelter and transitional housing for homeless individuals and families, Bassett knew they had partnered with an outstanding agency. With the new furniture, Light House was able to furnish two family apartments and a large common area where friendships were formed between the Light House team and Bassett crew. Bassett didn't show up empty-handed, and they didn't leave empty-handed either: residents of Light House, who have the opportunity to participate in an on-site culinary program and work for the shelter's catering business, made sure to gift their guests with their famous chocolate fudgy brownies.

Special Delivery

Christmas comes early for ACH children in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth, TX - 12/05/13

The weather called for a winter storm, but that didn't stop Bassett Furniture from making a big donation and dropping by several Fort Worth residences for at-risk youth. Founded in 1915, ACH Child and Family Services offers Tarrant County's only emergency youth shelter and long-term residential care for runaways and homeless or abandoned children. On an unusually cold Texas morning, Bassett executives and employees delivered enough new furniture to help furnish four houses managed by the ACH Residential Services Program. The new rooms were set up and waiting when the kids-unaware of Bassett's gift-came home from school to find that Christmas had come early!

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