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Custom Design Services


Choice is one of the greatest things about our society in this day and age.  Often times, people neglect this fact in the area of decor and furniture choices.  Why not use your ability to choose what you want and design it yourself when it comes to furniture in your home.  Bassett Furniture believes in the freedom of choice and wants to offer you custom design services when it comes to choosing your home furniture collection.     
One great piece of furniture that allows you to exercise your freedom of choice is the Custom Uph Townhouse Sofa.  This particular sofa is built to your specifications so that you can have exactly what you want.   You can tell Bassett furniture what frame size, arm style, cushions, and back style would best suit your needs.  Bassett Furniture will take your order, build it to your specifications and have it ready in just 30 days to go into your home.  Also you can choose from 1000's of fabric styles that will match your home and complete your decor. 

If you are in the Market for a new set of bar stools, you should again exercise your right to choice by building your own custom bar stools to fit your life and needs.   The Custom Dining swivel Counter Stools allows you to choose from over 13 finishes and multiple body styles to broaden your perspective of what furniture should be.  When it comes to custom design services, Bassett Furniture is a leader in the industry and is committed to offering you choice so your home will truly be your design. 

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