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Can I buy Bassettbaby products on the Internet?
Yes. All Bassett baby & kids products are sold at
Where is the model number located?
The model number for wood products is affixed to the back of the cases and on the headboard of the cribs. Please use these model numbers to identify your products whenever you are communicating with either Bassett or our retailers.
Where can I buy Bassett baby & kids products?
Bassett baby & kids products are available to purchase online with nationwide delivery and can be purchased in any Bassett Home Furnishings store. Only select stores have a baby & kids department and we are evaluating expanding the number of stores that display our baby & kids furniture.
Do you have instructions on assembling furniture?
Assembly instructions are always included with the furniture. It is very important that these instructions be followed completely to ensure safety as well as the care of the item. Assembly instructions are available to download below. If you don’t see your model listed, contact us at 1.800.308.7485 or by email at
How do I get replacement Bassett drawer pulls and other decorative hardware?
Most of Bassett’s drawer pulls and decorative hardware are custom made. Contact Bassett Customer Service at 1.800.308.7485 or by email at and we will attempt to provide a replacement for you.
How do I get replacement crib parts for my Bassett crib?
Bassett recommends that all cribs manufactured prior to 2011 be replaced because of safety features implemented that year. For information on our current product, please contact us at 1.800.308.7485 or by email at
How do I get a replacement Tipover Restraint Kit?
The use of Tipover Restraints may only reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of tipover if a child climbs onto open drawers. If you need a replacement kit, please contact us at 1.800.308.7485 or by email at
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