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Read some of our customer's frequently asked questions below.


Where is the model number located?
The model number for wood products may be affixed to the back of the product or underneath tables and chairs. The model number for sofa upholstery products are located underneath the seat cushion. The model number for a recliner is located under the footrest. Please use these model numbers to identify your products whenever you are communicating with either Bassett or our retailers.
Where can I buy Bassett Products?
Please utilize our Store Locator service on our site to find the authorized Bassett store nearest you.
How do I clean my furniture?
Please utilize the Dealer Locator and contact the dealer nearest you. The dealer will provide assistance in caring for your Bassett furniture.
Do you have instructions on assembling furniture?
Assembly instructions are always included with the furniture. It is very important that these instructions be followed completely to ensure safety as well as the care of the item. Please contact Consumer Affairs or your dealer for further assistance if you should need it.

Orders, Delivery, and Returns

Does Bassett accept major credit cards?
Bassett does accept credit cards. For the best financing options at Bassett Home Furnishings stores, apply for a Bassett credit card.
What is the status of my order?
On average, our wood products will ship within two to four weeks if the items are in stock. Out of stock items might take longer. All of our upholstery products are made to order, just for you, and will generally take from six to eight weeks to ship. Please contact your selling retailer for more complete delivery information.
How can I order repair parts?
For fastest service, contact the store where you purchased your Bassett products. They will have a record of your purchase. In some cases, parts may be ordered directly from consumer affairs. If you need additional assistance, please contact Customer Service.

Other Questions

I'm looking for a Bassett store near me and I can't find one on your Dealer Locator. Why?

Our Store Locator is dedicated to Bassett's top retailers. It is not a comprehensive list of all of Bassett's retailers because many do not carry a selection of our products. You may contact Consumer Affairs if you would like help finding additional Bassett stores.

How I can I receive fabric or wood samples?
These items are only available through our authorized retailers. Please use our Store Locator on this site to find the location nearest you.
What about my warranty?
Our retailers handle the service and warranty work for our products. Please contact your selling retailer should you have any problems with your products.
Where can I purchase Bassett accessories?
You can find these products at all Bassett Home Furnishings Stores and @t Home With Bassett retailers. Please utilize the Dealer Locator for the store nearest you.
How do I become a Bassett dealer?
To become a Bassett dealer, please contact our Consumer Affairs department through this site for referral. They will notify your local sales representative who will contact you directly.
How do I get replacement Bassett drawer pulls and other decorative hardware?
Please contact Hinges and Handles, which is a locator service that will try to locate something that will fit in the holes already drilled in your furniture. You may email a picture to or call 800-533-4782.
How do I get replacement crib parts for my Bassett crib?
Bassett recommends that all cribs manufactured prior to 1972 be replaced because improved safety features were instituted that year. If your crib was made in 1972 or after, replacement parts are available from Products America at 1-800-772-1041. If you are unsure when your Bassett crib was made, Bassett urges you to replace it.
How do I find discontinued product?
Bassett sends out a national "Want List" weekly to our retailers.  Please supply you name, phone number and items you are looking for so that we may add your request to this list.  If any Bassett retailer has these items, they will contact you directly within 30 days.  Please contact us directly to use this service.
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