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Dining Room Benches

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Dining Table Benches

A simple and stylish way to add more seating to your dining room is to add a set of matching dining benches. A warm, natural wood bench set can make guests feel at ease and comfortable in their new surroundings. Our dining room benches are the perfect way to add multi-functional seating to one of our Bench*Made dining tables. Benches are also great in halls, foyers, and mudrooms.

Designing Your Dining Room Bench

Adding character to any space can be made simpler by adding solid wood dining benches. There are plenty of places to shop for benches, too. But with so many styles and choices, where do you start? At Bassett, we make it easy for you to find the durable, well-crafted, and attractive bench you’re looking for without having to spend a fortune in time or money.

Bench Materials

The type of material you pick for your bench matters as much as the color or style. Not only does the material you choose have a huge impact on your bench’s looks, but also, maybe more importantly it changes how your piece feels and sits. For example, a fabric upholstered bench would have a cozier and more modern feel when compared to something like a wood bench which can project a warmer feel.

• Fabric
• Solid Hardwood
• Wood

Bench Colors

The easiest way to pick a bench finish or color while simultaneously creating an amazing space is to mix and match palettes and colors. When picking the color or finish for your bench, consider how it will add the current colors in your space, whether it be a living room or bedroom. Don’t be afraid to be bold when picking a finish or color. Oftentimes the best color combinations lie across from each other on the color wheel. If you need help picking a color or finish for your bench, book your own personal appointment or stop by any local store to see our complete selection of hundreds of designer fabrics, colors, and materials. Whether you need to ask a question or need a complete dream room done right, we’re here to help.

• Black
• Blue
• Brown
• Gray
• Green
• Ivory
• Natural
• Orange
• Pink
• Red
• Tan
• White

Common Dining Room Bench Sizes

It is so hard to find a perfect bench but later find it to be too small or too big for your space. Here are some sizings to help you find the best sizing for your dining room bench.

Bench Seat Sizes

The following are standard bench dimensions. However because benches come in a range of styles and designs, they can greatly vary.


A typical bench has a depth of between 15" to 20", while a dining bench ranges around 10 to 15 inches deep. Any chair or bench with a seat depth beyond 30", is prone to discomfort while sitting.

• 10-15 Inches
• 15-20 Inches
• 25-30 Inches


A standard bench has a width between the 42 inches and 60 inches, but the size you need will all depend on the number of people you are hosting. A 42 to 52-inch length bench can accommodate two adults, something around 53 inches to 80 inches wide can accommodate three adults comfortably. If you want to accommodate more than four people then we recommend that you go for something 80 inches or larger.

• 45-50 Inches
• 50-55 Inches
• 55-60 Inches
• 60-65 Inches
• 65-70 Inches
• 70-75 Inches
• 75-80 Inches
• 80-85 Inches
• 90-95 Inches


If you are shopping for a dining bench, then the height that is recommended is 18 inches and 20 inches. This height is suitable for most dining room tables. However, for something for relaxing or just sitting, the height can go as high as 45 inches.

• 15-20 Inches
• 35-40 Inches
• 40-45 Inches

Bench Seat Sizes

Seat Height

• 18 Inches
• 18.5 Inches
• 18.875 Inches
• 20 Inches

Seat Depth

• <17 Inches
• 19-21 Inches

American Artisan Made Benches

Finished right here in Bassett, Virginia, our BenchMade line of solid, wood benches combine extraordinary beauty with substantial durability. Made one at a time by our master craftsmen with American and imported materials, BenchMade dining room benches are created without the use of an assembly line. Each dining bench is made by artisan furniture makers with painstaking care exactly to your order. Wood is sourced here, too. From top to bottom, beginning to end, your bench is handcrafted with pride and integrity.

Browse Our Showroom

Visit one of our many furniture showrooms and browse our current collection of beautiful, solid wood dining benches. While our incredible selection makes finding the perfect bench easy, you may not find the ideal style for you. That’s where our custom design program makes your life even easier. Speak with one of our custom design consultants about the myriad of options available through our custom design program. Create your own bench from start to finish. With so many finish options, we’ll create the perfect matching benches for your home decor.

Dining Room Bench Collections

We carry a range of bench collections sure to match any style. From Bassett’s rustic design of the Santa Barbara collection to something more natural and traditional like the Bench*Made collection with dining room benches made with sustainably-sourced timber, classic American finishes, time-tested woodworking techniques all built by hand only when you order it.

• Bench*Made Maple
• Bench*Made Oak
• Brooke
• Santa Barbara
• Woodridge

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